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Ichimoku Xivra Pro MT4

The most advanced Ichimoku based Expert Advisor on the market.

This EA uses Ichimoku, Stochastic, Fractals, PSAR on multiple timeframes with different entry and exit strategies.


  • 3 different timeframes
  • 6 different entry signals based on Ichimoku
  • 22 different adjustable conditions
  • 50 page+ manual
  • Works on any forex broker
  • Supports any account type including micro, mini
  • Works on any symbol and timeframe
  • Suitable for multiple strategies
  • Only one open trade on each chart
  • Risk and volume management

Trading strategies

  • Scalping
  • Momentum trading
  • Trend trading
  • Swing trading
  • Reversal trading
  • Position trading

Trade exit options

  • Stop Loss - Take Profit
  • Close on opposite trade
  • Close on PSAR trend reversal
  • Close on reaching a stochastic level


  • TradeEntry
  • Autolot - use risk perecentage per trade
  • Risk - risk percentage based on maximum loss of your set StopLoss
  • FixedLotSize - fixed lot size
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points on a 5-digit broker, stop loss in pips on a 4-digit broker
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points on a 5-digit broker, take profit in pips on a 4-digit broker
  • Slippage - maximum allowed slippage
  • MartingaleOnLoss - enable martingale, however I do not advise to use martingale before extensive testing
  • MartingaleMultiplier - multiplier of martingale, by default 2 but also can be set higher or lower
  • MartingaleMaxLevels - max levels is the amount of times you want to use martingale in a row before reversing back to normal trading
  • TF2 - timeframe 2 buy and sell conditions 15-18 are based on.
  • TF3 - timeframe 3 buy and sell conditions 19-22 are based on. Additionally, if TF3CloseOnPsar is set to true, then it will close open positions based on this timeframe
  • TradeClose
  • CloseOnOppositeSignal - close the current open position if an opposite trading signal is detected. After the trade is closed, the opposite trade is opened
  • TF3CloseOnPsar - close the current open position if a trend reversal is detected on timeframe 3. This can be a shorter or longer timeframe depending on your strategy
  • StochLongCloseLevel - disabled when the input value is 100. When stochastics’ main line reaches the input value (1-99), then open buy position is closed
  • StochShortCloselevel - disabled when the input value is 0. When stochastics’ main line reaches the input value (1-99), then open sell position is closed
  • Ichimoku Settings
  • Tenkan - Tenkan setting with default of 9
  • Kijun - Kijun setting with default of 26
  • Senkou - Senkou setting with default of 52
  • PSAR Settings
  • Step - default 0.02
  • Max - default 0.2
  • Other Settings - please read the manual I made and posted in the first comment for all other settings as there are so many and not enough space to list them all here.

Active development

Anyone who purchased this EA and has a request for an addition, can message me and I will add it if it is suitable for this EA. Currently the following is being researched and tested:

  • Take Profit/Stop Loss based on %: I am testing an addition of tp/sl as based on %, as many symbols including stock CFDs have a wide range by themselves. Currently, I am checking two options, either a plain % based tp/sl or calculate the spread when opening an order and then base the % on top of the spread.
  • Stochastic main line or signal line: Either adding the signal line as condition or changing the currently main line to signal line as condition.
  • Stop loss based on indicator: Currently testing different options of adding a stop loss, either multi option or based on a single indicator. I am currently checking PSAR on a different timeframe, the Tenkan line and the Kijun line. So far, I am leaning towards the Tenkan and Kijun lines.

Although Martingale is built in, it is set to false by default. I advise not to use it unless you optimized the EA and have good knowledge of the risk of martingale.

Next update planned for November 2017, unless there are any critical updates needed for the current version.

This EA is not a 5 minute billion dollar making machine, it is suitable for those who have at least basic knowledge of the used indicators and like to optimize and adjust an EA to exactly how they want them to work.

Beginning of September, I will add three signals with different strategies as examples.

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