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Crypto Charts USDT Coins

This indicator displays price and volume chart of crypto currencies based on USDT (USD Tether).

Supporting 12 crypto currencies

  • BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
  • BTC (Bitcoin)
  • DASH (Dash)
  • ETC (Ethereum Classic)
  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • LTC (Litecoin)
  • NXT (NXT)
  • REP (Augur)
  • STR (Stellar)
  • XMR (Monero)
  • XRP (Ripple)
  • ZEC (Zcash)

You can update price data by clicking "Update" button in menu on top of the chart window.


  1. Timeframe is selectable from M5, M15, M30, H2, H4 and D1
  2. Number of bars in charts is selectable from 10, 20, 50 and 100.
  3. Bar chart, Candlestick and Line chart are supported.
  4. It is possible to set two MA lines with customizable period, color and line width.
  5. Show/hide volume chart. Volume display unit is selectable, amount of altcoins or BTC values.

Note: It is made as an Expert Advisor (EA) to get data from the exchange.

(no trade operations are made, just only draws Crypto currency charts)

How to use

Please add "https://poloniex.com/" to "Allow WebRequest for listed URL:" in Options window.

(Tool -> Options -> Expert Advisors)

For the first time, as no history data is taken from the exchange, no bars but only axes are shown.

Press "Update" button on top of the chart and wait a while, each chart will be shown in a few seconds.

In demo mode (in Strategy Tester), because it's not possible to get data from the exchange, just a built-in test data is used for display.

As there are some limitation of Exchange APIs, the chart won't be updated automatically.

You have to push "Update" button when you want to see the latest chart.

After pushing timeframe buttons ("M5", "M15',...), also you have to push "Update" button to update the chart.


  • Data Folder - Folder name for historical data (stored in folder under MQL4\Files\)
  • Show coin price - Shows each Crypto altcoin price on the chart or not
  • SMA1 period - Period number for SMA (Simple Moving Average) 1
  • SMA1 color - Color for SMA1
  • SMA1 width - Line width for SMA1
  • SMA2 period - Period number for SMA (Simple Moving Average) 2
  • SMA2 color - Color for SMA2
  • SMA2 width - Line width for SMA2


The data is stored in MQL4\Files\Poloniex\ folder for the default (parameter "Data folder").

In demo mode (on Strategy Tester), the test data is stored in Tester\Files\Poloniex\ folder.

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