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Used symbol and timeframe: EURJPY H1. The Expert Advisor follows the trend.

Be sure to optimize the broker's timezone parameter - BrokerTimeZone.


  • No indicators
  • No Martingale
  • No grid
  • No pyramid
  • No neural networks
  • No trailing
  • No limitation by sessions
  • Orders are opened every day
  • No more than two positions
  • Low spread on EURJPY
  • Take profit exceeds stop loss
  • No correlation
  • One-hour timeframe
  • Market entry after the bar's closing
  • Small spread on EURJPY
  • Positive buy swap
  • Short stop loss
  • Only one trading strategy is used by the algorithm
  • No hedging
  • No need to follow the market cycles
  • The Expert Advisor does not depend on the active timeframe
  • Checking the history availability
  • Considering the spread when placing stop loss and take profit
  • Checking positions without stops for the current symbol in real time mode
  • No Moving Averages
  • Entering the market in the direction of a trend
  • Alert mode
  • Support for up to five digits
  • Entry is not shifted on history
  • Fixed lot and percentage of the deposit
  • After closing a position, a new one is not opened till the next day
  • The algorithm is set to the maximum profit from the current symbol
  • Orders are checked for errors
  • Updates every two weeks
  • This is not the first Forex product developed by our team
  • Algorithm testing period is over 6 months
  • The total service record of our trading team is over half a century
  • No zero divide 
  • Writing a log if necessary
  • Stop loss can be disabled for micro accounts


  • No break-even level
  • The broker's time zone should be specified manually
  • The terminal should be restarted after recharging the balance via a brokerage company

Expert Advisor Settings

  • BrokerTimeZone - broker's time zone.
  • fixedLot - fixed lot.
  • fixedTP - fixed take profit (specifying like in prices with 4 decimal places).
  • fisedSL - fixed stop loss (specifying like in prices with 4 decimal places).
  • maxOrder - maximum number of orders.
  • risk - risk for the deposit per deal, activated when fixedLot =0.
  • magic - magic number.
  • OpenPrint - show log.
  • StopLossB - disable stop loss.
  • TotalAler - enable alert.
  • TotalEA - disable trading.
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Version 1.1 2013.12.27
Now the time zone in the strategy tester is adjusted automatically.