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Stable EurChf

This EA is based on established low volatility retracement patterns. Also, the EA has an optional money management system that can be turned off by setting Manager to 'false'.


  • Works on all brokerages with 30 point spreads on average.
  • Works on any account size.
  • No martingale.
  • No grid.
  • Fixed stop loss.
  • Deals are closed within 24 hours and before weekends.
  • Built-in protection features.

The EA is suitable for hedging accounts and works on all brokerages with an average spread less than 30 Points.

Specifications and Settings

  • Lots - 0.01/0.1 minimum (this is used if you do not intend to use money manager).
  • Automated Lots Manager - automate lot sizing based on available margin on account and overrides the Lots setting.
  • Free margin percentage for Manager (in percentage) - specify the percentage of free margin to be used by Automated Lots Management.
  • Maximum Lotsize for Manager - maximum allowed lot size for trading.

Use on EURCHF and on Daily Period. Also, ensure there is a minimum of 300 bars of data for testing.

Although the risk of gaps/drawdown is significantly reduced with this strategy and performance is consistent, it is still wise to keep your exposure moderated.

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Version 1.34 - 2017.11.28
- Trading on AudCad and AudChf is now enabled.
- General improvements were made on algorithm.
- Added a chart panel for trade info.
Version 1.33 - 2017.09.15
Improved data computing.
Version 1.32 - 2017.08.23
General improvements.