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Stable EurChf

This A grade EA is based on established low volatility retracement patterns. Also, the EA has an optional money management system that can be turned off by setting Manager to false.


  • Currently one of the most efficient strategies in Forex
  • Works on all brokerages with good spreads
  • Works on any account size
  • No martingale
  • Low drawdown
  • No grid
  • Fixed stop loss
  • Deals are closed within 24 hours and before weekends
  • Built-in protection features

The EA is suitable for hedging accounts and works on all brokerages with an average spread less than 30 Points.

Specifications and Settings

  • Fixed Lots - 0.01/0.1 minimum (this is used if you do not intend to use money manager).
  • Automated Lots Manager - automate lot sizing based on available margin on account and overrides the Lots setting.
  • Free margin percentage for Manager (in percentage) - specify the percentage of free margin to be used by Automated Lots Management.
  • Maximum Lotsize for Manager - maximum allowed lot size for trading.

Use on EURCHF and on Daily Period. Also, ensure there is a minimum of 300 bars of data for testing.

Although the risk of gaps/drawdown is significantly reduced with this strategy and performance is consistent, it is still wise to keep your exposure moderated.

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Version 1.33 - 2017.09.15
Improved data computing.
Version 1.32 - 2017.08.23
General improvements.