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TrailBoss Basic

TrailBoss basic - utility order management tool used with expert advisors who lack trailing stop function or as a complement to your manual trade. Despite its simplicity, it's a powerful tool that can manage all your orders in your MT4 terminal. The product has the ability to put trailing stops on all your total orders made or only handle specific symbols and expert advisors alone. The Product is designed to be easy to use with few settings to get started as quickly as possible. With this tool, you never have to worry about being without a trailing stop again.

Some examples of how the product works

Example 1; Let's say you want to use the product together with an expert adviser with the unique magic number 1234 on the eurusd symbol and time frame M15. First, open another chart with the same symbol and time frame and load the product on this chart. Open the product settings and in the Magic_Numer_ID field enter 1234. Remember that if your expert advisor places more than one order then the product will use average price trailing.

Example 2;Let's say that instead you want to let the product handle all of your orders at one and the same time, in this example you have an expert advisor's own placed orders and manually placed by yourself. In this case, you can open a new chart on any symbol, but instead of entering a unique magic number, enter now -1, which means that the product will now handle all of your total orders in the terminal.


  • Fast and easy setup, no complicated settings
  • Strategytester function: The Product places trades randomly so you can see how it works togehter with orders and your settings applyied.
  • Works on all symbols and time frames
  • 4 types of order management ( Control of all total orders, specific symbol and/or specific magic number)

Input settings and descriptions

  • Break_even_points: Sets the desired offset from the stoploss calculation level in points
  • Trailing_Step: Sets the desired stop loss movement step in points
  • Trailing_Start: Sets the minimal profit of trailing stop in points
  • Use_break_even: Enabel or disable the use of break-even
  • Magic_Number_ID: -1 means all total orders (Here you specify your expert advisors magic number to be controlled)
    • For example you want to use an expert advisor with magic number 1234: Instead of -1 you enter 1234 in this field
  • Text_color: Sets the desired color of the chart Visual information text


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