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Key Levels Smart Trader

The Expert Advisor finds the key price levels and creates pending orders in two directions on these levels.

When one of the orders closes after reaching a take profit, the second order is closed at the opposite price movement.

Due to high take profit of the first order, the probability of a price roll-back in favor of the second order is quite high. Therefore, an auxiliary order with increased lot is created.

In the screenshot below, you can see the results of the 17-year test for EURUSD.

Recommended initial deposit: $10 on a cent account or $1000 on a standard one.


  • e_Magic - EA magic number
  • e_RiskPercent - risk level per trade
  • e_MinLot - minimum lot for orders
  • e_MaxLot - maximum lot for orders
  • e_TP - take profit in points for orders
  • e_order_dist - distance from the key level, at which pending orders are placed (in points)
  • e_mrtActive - if true, create an order with increased lot for averaging
  • e_mrtGridStep - distance to the new order with increased lot
  • e_mrtMultiplier - how many times the lot of the next order is increased
  • e_minProfit - when the specified profit is reached, close all orders with increased lot

To reproduce my strategy tester results for EURUSD, you need to use the default settings. Set the timeframe to H4 and select EURUSD.

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