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Your Assistant MT 4

Your Assistant is a Utility, created based on the experience with Megatrend Monitor SF 286 and Megatrend Assistant.

Your Assistant allows you to:

  • Monitor the activity of 28 different instruments on six timeframes in statics and dynamics of their relationship;
  • Work with the FFCalendar (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23647) calendar of economic events, and show the movement of the most important news in the lower windows of the chart;
  • Click the buttons located at the top of the chart, select the active instruments in the areas of consolidation, trend and reversal, as well as select the instruments with the specified spread;
  • Change the number of bars in fractals used in calculations;
  • Work both on a complete bar and using the current price;
  • Display various colors in the lower consolidation areas, upward (downward) trend and reversal;
  • Move the area boundaries with the mouse;
  • Click the button with instrument's name to open its chart with the template specified in the settings.

By moving the area boundaries with the mouse, it is possible to select the optimal levels for signals, as well as pick the most active instruments for trading your strategies. Control of the economic news makes it possible to anticipate rapid price spikes. The templates specified in the settings allow finding the optimal opportunities for opening positions.

To work with the news, before you run the Utility, go to the terminal settings, open the Expert Advisors tab, check "Allow WebRequest for listed URL", add the http://www.forexfactory.com site, install the calendar of economic events: FFCalendar (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23647), and set the GTM time zone of your broker's terminal in the settings. It is desirable to run the Utility on an H1 chart.

Your Assistant will be a good helper in market analysis, finding the most active and correlated currency pairs, symbols that are allies and rivals, as well as in making decisions on opening and closing positions.

However, Your Assistant is highly resource-intensive. Therefore, a powerful computer is required for working with the Utility.


  • TF 1 - TF 6 - list of specified timeframes;
  • TF DisableMode - timeframe windows disabling options:
    • PARTIAL - disable partially (hides only the selected windows);
    • FULLY - full disabling (selected windows and timeframes are not displayed and excluded from the calculation);
  • TF 1 Window Enabled - TF 6 Window Enabled - enable/disable windows with the specified timeframes;
  • Fractal Size - fractal size (Williams' Fractals is set by default);
  • InFormedBars - work on complete bars;
  • ЕМА period - smoothing period;
  • Bars count for calculation - the number of bars for calculations;
  • Sig TF Number - number of the window that controls the signals and alerts;
  • Signals print? - print the signals;
  • Opportunity Buy Alert - Opportunity Close Sell Alert - enable/disable alerts;
  • Shift Y – distance from the top edge of the chart to the histogram blocks;
  • WidthRectinfo - histogram block height;
  • SymbolFontSize - font size of the symbols;
  • SubSubColor - color of the separation lines between windows;
  • BackgroundColor - fill color inside the histogram blocks;
  • ColBGRect - selection color of the histogram block frames;
  • ColStrokeRect - histogram blocks fill color;
  • ColUpValue - color of increasing histograms;
  • ColDownValue - color of decreasing histograms;
  • ColAveValue - RR line color;
  • ColSymbolRect - symbol font color;
  • ReversalRiscColor - color of the signal about the risk of reversal;
  • ButtonsNormalCol - ButtonsPressedCol - color of the upper buttons;
  • LineWidth Inside Flat – line width inside the consolidation area;
  • LineWidth Outside Flat - line width after exiting the consolidation area;
  • ColLevelNull - zero level line color;
  • Up levels zone color - color of the ascending trend area;
  • Dn levels zone color - color of the descending trend area;
  • Reversal risk zone color - color of the reversal area;
  • MESSAGES - messages;
  • ClicOpenTF - timeframe of the opened chart;
  • ClicOpenTemplate - template of the opened chart;
  • ECONOMIC EVENTS - economic events;
  • Enabled? - enable economic news;
  • Broker GMT offset - GMT time zone of the broker.
Sergey Demin
Sergey Demin 2020.01.29 11:50 

Наглядно, удобно.

Отличные консультации автора, браво!

Aliaksandr Kryvanos
Aliaksandr Kryvanos 2017.10.05 15:45 

5 звёзд