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Strong Volume Signal

The Strong Volume Signal indicator is an indicator designed to generate trading signals. Using a number of price movements and a set of indicator properties to generate these signals. The purpose of this indicator is to generate signals from the highest probability of trading.

Easy to use, simple and understandable to the user. Visually the user can easily recognize the signals. With alert features, user signals can be reached quickly. This indicator will not be repainted.

Features and Suggestions

  • Period and period factor feature allows you to apply the desired strategy.
  • You can arrange the alert as you like with the alert features.
  • Yellow indicates the signal level.
  • Green color means "buy signal".
  • The red color carries the meaning of "sell signal".
  • Recommended time frames: M15, M30, H1
  • Recommended pairs: recommended for use in major currency pairs and volatile currency pairs.


  • Period - period setting is done from here.
  • Period_factor - the period factor setting is set here.
  • AlertOn - alert opening and closing is done from here. If true, all other alerts are active.
  • AlertsMessage - mobile application alert setting is done from here.
  • AlertsSound - the sound alert is set here.
  • AlertsEmail - mail alert setting is done here.
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