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Real Price Action

The EA is designed for use on small time-frames with highly volatile currency pairs. It can trade in any direction and wait for price to move back and take profit. Normally, currency pairs always move up or move down. If the volatility is larger than its spread and there is a gap to make profit, the EA trades. To increase the number of trades, the EA has 2 trade modules.

Product has 2 modules

This product has 2 trade modules:

  • signal module and
  • break module
It trades with a small target level specified by the trader.

    Signal module

    The EA uses the H1 timeframe for market trend calculation and then uses lower time frame to open an order. It is necessary to find a suitable time-frame based on historical data before trade. Recommend low time-frame is M5, M15 and M30.

    Break module

    The EA uses the Zig-Zag Indicator on the current time-frame to calculate the resistance/support level. The EA will enter the buy or sell order when the price breaks the resistance/support level. Then it waits for take profit.

    Product has no stop loss

    The EA does not use any stop-loss so trader can face huge draw-down. That is why the EA requires to have huge equity for small trades. This huge draw-down (if any) will be a good training for the beginner to kill the fear in mind and can be beneficial in long term trading. For the beginner, I recommend to trade a minimum lot size per every $5000 of equity.

    Product is easy to setup

    You only need to specify the lot and profit level to suit the currency pair volatility. For this purpose you need to test the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester.


    • LOTS =0.01 - lot to trade
    • PROFIT_LEVEL - to take profit each lot

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