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Verona Market Stream

Verona Market Stream is a new generation of ready-made trading systems, which provide signals for opening and closing trades. You no longer have to spend hours sitting in front of the screen analyzing the market using many different indicators. It is enough to have a single trading system and a mobile phone or tablet, which will receive signals in the form of push notifications.

Use this trading system is very simple. Open and close trades when the indicator's signal lines appear. To simplify the navigation the potential profit or loss, the indicator shows the sum of profit and loss points near to every closed trade. This is very simple and convenient.

Features of Verona Market Stream

  • does not redraw its signals.
  • shows the moments when it is necessary to open and close trades.
  • sends signals in the form of push notifications to a mobile device.
  • works on all currency pairs.

Indicator Parameters

  • Periods - period of the indicator.
  • Sensitivity - enable push notifications.
  • Information - enables the display of information on the screen.
rainwalker123 2018.05.07 05:52 

1 Star is far too much

Having a look in the "Overview", you see a video which shows Verona Market, catching tops and bottoms, nearly perfect.

If you ask the vendor for help to optimize the settings, he calls you a searcher for the holy grail. LMAO

When you install the indicator and try to optimize the settings, to get good entry/exits like in the video, you will be at least very dissapointed. Its not possible find the right settings without help, and minimize the false signals, and have at least good results like in the video.


I will change my mind, if they are really willing to help

At this time I have to say, very very bad service, missleading videos, and loosing myself 149$ for a useless product.