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Real Market Levels MT5

Use the "Real Market Levels MT5" indicator and automate Entry and Exit Levels of your trades, following its prices that comes from current Real Market Volatility.

It is suitable for non-experienced traders that are trading manually, to full-time experienced investors who use Expert Advisors to manage their accounts.

It is working on:

  • All available instruments of MT5 (Forex, Metals, CFDs, etc)
  • All timeframes, including non-standard (M10, M20, H2, H8, etc)

Suitable for Grid trading strategies

  • Use price of Blue line (Entry Level) as the minimum distance between the trades.
  • Use price of Red line (Exit Level) as the minimum profit that could be gained from BreakEven price of all trades of Grid.

Suitable for One-Trade-Per-Time / First-In-First-Out (FIFO) / Scalping trading strategies

  • Use price of Blue line (Entry Level) as an entry filter. Enter the market only if it is going upwards, meaning that volatility is growing and it is time for potential higher profits.
  • Use price of Red line (Exit Level) to set Take Profit and Stop Loss levels from open price of each trade, according to your own risk/reward.

Manage prices of Entry / Exit Levels to fit to your strategy

  • Multiply price of Entry Level and increase distance between trades (Grid), reducing risk.
  • Multiply price of Exit Level to achieve more profits.

Introduce prices to any Expert Advisor

double ArrayEntryLevel[];
double ArrayExitLevel[];
int handle_RML=iCustom(NULL,0,"Market\\Real Market Levels MT5");
double entry_level=ArrayEntryLevel[0]; // Price of Entry Level of current candle
double exit_level=ArrayExitLevel[0];   // Price of Exit Level of current candle
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