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Mr Reversal

MR Reversal Indicator will try to catch BIG participants in the market using volume, key levels and own mathematical indicators already built-in inside the indicator with the best parameters. The indicator will notify via an alert if a good opportunity is coming.

Please note: Indicator is good, but not the holy grail, so I recommend to use it with your own trading system. Indicator will do its job and you'll do yours too, like having a partner for trading. And TOTALLY NOT repaint.


  • Arrows DO NOT REPAINT and appear in the current candle (logically wait till the candle closes)
  • The indicator adjusts to the pair and the current TF automatically.
  • Very easy to use, only one option to modify.
  • Already optimized for the best results in all pairs.
  • You can use it without limits in all the pairs you want!
  • Integrated alerts (optional).


  • Use alert?: If true, receive an alert when a new arrow appears on the chart. If false, disabled.

Customer Support

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions, so we can help you! You can contact us via our account.

Aravind 2018.10.20 13:43 

Very disappointed that author is selling same exact indicator with multiple names, "The Reversal Arow", "Black Trading" and "Mr Reversal"