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Trade Assistant MT5 Demo

This multifunction panel Trade Assistant MT5 for manual semi-automatic trading. With the functions of calculating the risk by formula (risk / reward ratio), setting orders, tracking positions and other opportunities.

Trade Assistant MT5 Demo works only on one currency pair GBPUSD.

Main functions

  • Easy settlement of Lot for the order (Risk% and currency).
  • Orders order using graphic lines.
  • Setting orders with virtual stop levels SL and TP.
  • Setting up virtual pending orders.
  • Closing orders by type.
  • Closing of items by parts (Partial TakeProfit).
  • Pulling StopLoss (SL) at the price (Trailing Stop).
  • Translation of the StopLoss (SL) order into a non-loss (Breakeven).
  • Setting a notification if the price has crossed the line (Alert Price), available Sound, Alert, Push, Mail.

Set up the lot calculation functions

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Select one of the Risk calculation: Mony / Percent options.
  3. Click the Trade tab.
  4. In the Risk field, enter the desired risk value for one transaction.
  5. Choose the ratio of Profit to Loss (default 1: 1).
  6. Turn the On switch to On to enable the function.

The ratio of Profit to Loss controls the values ​​of SL and TP. To disable it, set the ratio to 0: 0 and the lines will be free from each other.

Order setup using lines

  1. Click the Trade tab.
  2. Click the Show line button.
  3. Move the extreme lines vertically to set the desired TP and SL values.
  4. Move the center line to place a pending order.
  5. Click the appropriate button on the panel to open the order.

Line management automatically calculates lot values.

Virtual stop levels and difference from real

Real stop levels are executed on the broker server. Virtual cards are not transferred to the broker's server and executed programmatically on the computer. The function on each tick checks the price and stop levels, when the stop level is triggered, the order is sent to the server to close the position.

To enable the function, go to the Settings tab.

For the correct operation of this function, the program requires constant operation and a good Internet connection.

Closing a position in parts

  • On the Settings tab, set the desired number of parts (maximum 100).
  • This function closes the position in parts (the lot of one part is Lot \ the number of parts).

For the correct operation of this function, the program requires constant operation and a good Internet connection.

The open position can be controlled using the control buttons

  • Button R - Reverse function closes the current position and opens in the opposite direction.
  • Button L - Locked function opens a position in the opposite direction with the same lot.
  • Button X - closes the position.

Disable the menu of control buttons in additional parameters.

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Version 2.9 2018.10.11
Elimination of errors in the construction of marking lines
Added in advanced settings "Point (pip) Option" to select the value of the Point
Version 2.8 2018.10.08
Added selection of String options to the main parameters (String Options)
Improved arrow removal function after order
Improved markup function (TP and SL now show correct values including spread)
Version 2.7 2018.10.02
Optimization for large monitors.
Added a loss amount + commission.
Code optimization
Version 2.6 2018.09.25
Critical fixes for large monitors.
Added a parameter to change the font size.
Version 2.5 2018.09.25
Added new options for panel sizes.
Reduced the size of the folded panel.
Code optimization.
Version 2.4 2018.09.17
Button "Show line" - renamed to "New order"
For alignment lines of the new order, alignment is added
Added parameter "Color Text TP1 TP2 ..." changes the color of the text.
Added a warning about exceeding the maximum lot.
Code optimization.
Version 2.3 2018.09.10
Updated lot function
New calculation options are added:
Currency - in the deposit currency
Percent_Balance - percent of balance
Percent_Equity - percentage of funds
Percent_Free_Margin - percentage of free margin
Percent_Custom - percentage of the user value
Version 2.2 2018.09.04
Code optimization
Version 2.1 2018.08.26
A new SOUND mode has been added for the Alert function
Version 2.0 2018.08.23
Improved notification system.
Now you can choose from: Message Box, Push Notification, Send Mail.
For Alert Price and Alert Time: ALERT, PUSH_NOTIFICATION, SEND_MAIL.
Added change of colors for open items.
Version 1.9 2018.08.21
Optimization to reduce CPU load.
The parameters of the ratio of profit to loss can now be set with one decimal point.
Version 1.8 2018.07.05
Fixed re-drawing an open position data if the function is enabled (partial closing).
Version 1.7 2018.06.21
Button Close Profit - closing all profitable positions;
Button Close Loss - closing all losing positions;
Button R - the Reverse function closes the current position and opens an opposite one;
Button L - the Locked function opens an opposite position with the same lot;
An option for closing a position in parts ('Partial Take Profit' parameter).
Version 1.6 2018.03.29
Improved the function for checking the current suffix to allow the program to work if the symbol name contains prefixes or suffixes.
Version 1.5 2018.02.14
Added automatic hiding of the trade levels on the chart (levels of the open positions, Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending orders). The levels are hidden when you move the mouse cursor over the panel area, and also when placing order using graphic lines (with the Show Line pressed).

Added checking of the price normalization with consideration of the tick size for the Forex, CFD, MOEX, Metals, Crypto markets.
Version 1.4 2017.12.01
Added the Risk_mode parameter.
Added the Panel_size parameter.

Fixed the error of display on different monitors.
Version 1.3 2017.11.06
Optimized the functions and corrected the visual appearance.
Version 1.2 2017.09.15
New function - Symbols All. What does it do?
1. In the "Close" tab, it closes orders on all symbols.
2. The Trailing Stop and Break Even functions work for all symbols.

Changed the visual design.
Added the display of the Break Even line.
Added the display of OrderShow.
Version 1.1 2017.08.08
Optimization of functions