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Trade Assistant MT5 Demo

Trade Assistant is a trading panel designed for manual trading.

The panel allows you to calculate risk, manage positions using the functions Trailing Stop, Trailing limit orders, closing a position in parts.

And other useful features.

Trade Assistant MT5 Demo - It works only with symbols: EURUSD, GAZP, XAUUSD, BTCUSD, GOOGL.

Or buy a version without restrictions - Trade Assistant MT5

Key features of the panel

  • It works with any trading instruments - currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, indices, futures, cryptocurrencies.
  • Set Stop Loss and Take Profit as the distance in points.
  • Setting and displaying the potential loss to profit ratio.
  • The panel supports market and pending orders.
  • Display on the chart the calculated position volume and profit before opening.
  • Shows the broker's commission depending on the set volume.
  • Ability to install Virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • Closes positions for different types with a single click.
  • Ability to close a position in parts.
  • Trailing Stop in various options (in points, Fractals, MA, Parabolic SAR, ATR).
  • Function Trailing Limit Orders.
  • You can set an alert to cross price, support and resistance lines.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.

The utility does not work in the Strategy Tester.

Description of utility and functions - https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/726839
    Rosaldo Alves
    Rosaldo Alves 2020.03.25 17:20 

    мне нужна торговая панель для работы с синтетическими активами, потому что я работаю на графике Ренко (www.renkobr.com.br)

    i need the trade panel to operate on synthetic assets because i operate on renko chart (www.renkobr.com.br)

    Nikolay Gaylis
    Nikolay Gaylis 2019.01.14 06:07 

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    Gennadiy Voltornist
    Gennadiy Voltornist 2018.02.08 15:39 

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    Ali irwan
    Ali irwan 2017.07.24 14:35 

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    Nork 2017.07.21 14:44 

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    Version 7.53 2020.06.18
    Fixed: lot calculation by AB prev Day, Week, Mont methods. The calculation was carried out according to the% of balance method.
    Fixed: work with all magic numbers if EXPERT MAGIC = 0, previously worked only with positions opened manually.
    Added: Custom TICK_VALUE parameter - used in margin calculations for the method of calculating CFDINDEX.
    Added: recalculation of partial closing of TP if there was a closing of part SL and recalculation of partial closing of SL if there was closing of part TP.
    Version 7.52 2020.06.06
    Updated for MetaTrader 5 build 2485
    Version 7.5 2020.05.29
    Fixed: KEYS "Show Line Buy / Sell" - now works independently of KEYS "Show / Hide line".
    Fixed: VIRTUAL SL TP - when partially closed, the lines returned to their initial position.

    Added: R button for changing the direction of the Show line - an analog of KEYS "Show Line Buy / Sell".
    Added: parameter "Move SL TP with the mouse" - disables the movement of TP SL with the mouse pointer.
    Added: calculation of the relationship from the initial risk "RR Profit / initial risk" - available for display
    in Stop line TP SL, Position line, Partial Close line, BE line.
    Added: parameter "Hide Position" - hides position objects when Show line is on.
    Added: KEYS ScreenShot
    Added: risk calculation using the "Periodical Fixed Fractional" method
    % AB per Day - percentage of the balance of the previous Day.
    % AB per Week - percentage of the balance of the previous Week.
    % AB per Month - percentage of the balance of the previous month.

    Changed: with the Price option enabled, the TP and SL prices no longer change as in Pip mode.
    Changed: Screenshot function - additionally displays the data of the last transaction.
    Changed: the function of the function partial closing when entering the "Partial Close" parameters. Previously, all parameters were applied immediately now only variable.
    Version 7.4 2020.05.02
    Added: Show Lines partial closing display in fixed points.
    Added: Confirmation of closing a position from the position menu.
    Added: Moving TP and SL trading levels.
    Added: Price / Pip button - to select Take Profit, Stop Loss, Entry input in points or prices.

    Bugfix: screenshot function errors.
    Bugfix: Errors with templates, now the panel deletes its graphic objects.
    Bugfix: Show line errors when calling via hotkeys.
    Fixed: Show line errors sticking at the opening line if it went beyond the screen.
    Fixed: Trailing Stop - removed the restriction of 10 seconds.

    Added: input parameters:
    Button Price / Pip - on / off.

    Close position% - percentage of closing (position menu).
    Confirmation close position - on / off confirmation of closing the position (position menu).
    Partial Close Profit% Add - percentage of closing Profit for partial closing (position menu).
    Partial Close Loss% Add - percentage of loss closure for partial closure (position menu).

    HideLine - on / off hides Show line marking lines when opening a position.
    Lock TP - on / off block TP lines on the price.
    Lock SL - on / off block SL lines on the price.
    Version 7.3 2020.04.01
    Fixed: parameter input error for Trailing Stop Psar, indicator did not initialize.
    Added: updates on the timer Trailing Stop \ Limit functions, in seconds and when a new bar event.
    input parameters:
    Trailing Timer - Sec, New Bar
    Sec (min 10)
    Version 7.2 2020.03.24
    Bugfix: entering PSAR indicator parameters did not show numbers after 2 decimal places.
    Added: automatic distribution of Partial Close levels.
    Updated: processing pressing on / off Virtual SL TP
    On - Stop Loss and Take Profit orders will be replaced with Virtual at all positions.
    Off - Virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit will be replaced with real ones at all positions.
    Changed: selection of parameters to be displayed in Stop line TP SL, Open line, Position line, Partial Close line lines.
    Now the line is formed on / off of the available parameter.
    Added: Breakeven added to position menu.
    Added: Display of Partial Close lines in Showe Line markup lines.
    Version 7.1 2020.03.02
    Updated: Function Close in parts
    Added: New Trailing Stop Features
    Trailing stop fractals
    Trailing stop ma
    Trailing Stop Parabolic SAR
    Trailing Stop ATR
    Added: Trailing Limit Order
    Version 6.8 2020.02.09
    Optimization: calculating the volume for accounts in Cryptocurrency.
    Version 6.7 2020.02.07
    Fixed: menu objects when switching a period.
    Version 6.6 2020.02.07
    Fixed: profit calculation taking into account partial closure.
    Fixed: commission calculation taking into account partial closure.

    Added: option to display Stop orders line
    // TP 100 (0.00% of Price) | 100 USD (0.00% of Balance) | 1.2450

    Added: Input line display options
    // Buy | Vol 1.00 | Margin: 22.00 | 1.2450
    // Buy | Vol 1.00 | Margin: 22.00 | Sp: 12 | Com: 4.0 | 1.2450
    // Buy | Vol 1.00 | RR 1.5 | Sp: 12 | Com: 4.0 | 1.2450

    Added: line item display options
    // Buy | 1.00 (vol) | 100 USD (0.00% of Balance)
    // Buy | 1.00 (vol) | 15 pips / 100 USD (0.00% of Balance)
    // Buy | 1.00 (vol) | RR: 1.5 | 100 USD (0.00% of Balance)
    // Buy | 1.00 (vol) | RR: 1.5 | 15 pips / 100 USD (0.00% of Balance)

    Added: Virtual SL TP closing price selection
    // Activation price: true - Bid, false - Bid / Ask

    Added: Tab + keyboard shortcut.
    Version 6.5 2020.01.30
    Fixed: displaying the line of modification of stop orders for high-resolution screens.
    Fixed: displaying profit taking into account swap.
    Version 6.3 2020.01.14
    Updated: Close function All positions in profit or loss.
    Now in the Loss fields you need to enter positive values. (in previous versions it was necessary to enter with a sign -)
    And added the ability to set stop orders.
    Description updated.
    Input parameters added:
    ----------------------Close all if: Profit Loss----------------------
    Profit - true/false
    Loss - true/false
    Color text if On
    Color text if Off
    Send Alert if Close All - true/false
    Version 6.2 2020.01.06
    Bugfix: “lines on all charts” were not deleted after the last update.
    Bugfix: position objects were not deleted when the position is no longer there.
    Bugfix: Earlier, the line for marking TP or SL could disappear, now this has been fixed.
    Added: parameter for the Order string line with margin calculation "Buy | Vol 1.00 | Margin: 22.00 | 1.2450"
    Added: VIRTUAL_SLTP parameter Line selection - enable / disable the movement of SL TP lines with the mouse.
    Version 6.1 2019.12.12
    Bug fix.
    Version 6.0 2019.12.11
    Added: work in the tester (only buttons work).
    Added: Alert Type option for sending notifications Alert, push, mail.
    Added: display of profit in points and percent for an object of an open position. In the input parameters STRING_OPTIONS added item Options Order Label.
    Fixed: partial closure (there was an error when closing several parts at once)
    Interface optimization: when used with some indicators, the hang will be less.
    Version 5.9 2019.10.21
    Version 5.8 2019.10.05
    Improved: cross rate calculation for margin calculation.
    A notification was added if a cross rate was not found for the account currency and the instrument currency.
    Added: Hotkeys: KEYS Alert, for setting the notification by the assigned key.
    Version 5.7 2019.09.25
    Fixed a bug where the order was closed. If the condition TP 0 and on virtual TP SL.
    Improved work of marking lines.
    Added line for stop lines "TP 100 | 0.0% | price".
    Fixed bug with keyboard shortcuts.
    Added keys KEYS Chart Zoom +, KEYS Chart Zoom -.
    Version 5.6 2019.09.21
    Bugs fixed.
    Version 5.5 2019.09.18
    Added additional information for order markup lines.
    Added alignment of the mini panel.
    Added tab "Info Statistics".
    Added the ability to hide a comment entry.
    Updated black and white theme.
    Bug fixed.
    Version 5.4 2019.09.01
    Added KEYS ShoweLineType hotkey.
    Added Joanna voice for alert feature.
    Fixed saving parameters.
    Other fixes.
    Version 5.3 2019.08.26
    Fixes for Virtual SL TP
    Version 5.2 2019.08.25
    Partial Take Profit function changed.
    Changed Trailing Stop function.
    Added new Hotkeys.
    Multiple fixes.
    Version 5.1 2019.06.11
    Fixed bug: incorrect closing of the partial profits.
    Redraw the graphic elements for screens with more than 120 dpi.
    Version 5.0 2019.05.23
    Fixed: display of profits on the Close tab. (Including commission).
    Added: saving parameters at the moment of entry.
    Added: saving screenshots, from the button on the panel and automatically when making trading operations.
    Added options:
    Name Folder - The name of the folder.
    Auto ScreenShot - ON / OFF.
    Info Text Color - text color.
    Screenshots are saved along the way:
    In the terminal, open: File / Open data directory / MQL5 / Files / TA ScreenShot
    For MT4 terminal: File / Open data directory / MQL4 / Files / TA ScreenShot
    Version 4.9 2019.04.23
    Fixed: commission function changed and calculated based on the last position in the history.
    Version 4.8 2019.04.16
    Fixed bug: if Account Balance is 0.
    Fixed bug: saving panel settings on different windows with the same Symbol.
    Version 4.7 2019.04.02
    Alert function: fixed bug (when used on CFD, the panel terminated with a critical error)
    Partial close function: fixed (when a new value is set, the levels in current positions do not change, if set to 1, the values are reset for all open positions).
    For Hot Keys Order comment editing: added closing the window by pressing (Enter).
    Version 4.6 2019.03.28
    Fixed bugs.
    Version 4.5 2019.03.25
    Fixed bug with hangup.
    Version 4.4 2019.03.24
    Optimization (+10000 graphic objects)
    Changed error notification.
    The Alert function has been updated - the ability to install different types has been made and the currency pair has been announced (for forex).
    Added parameters for the Alert function:
    Alert Type - notification type
    Maximum iterations - the number of repetitions
    Time Out (sec) - pause between repetitions
    Show functions - enable / disable display of functions (PT TS BE)
    Show Spread - enable / disable Spread Display
    Show Commission - enable / disable display Commission
    Version 4.2 2019.02.27
    Changed: Removed disabling object descriptions when starting the program.
    Changed: "Commission per lot" to "Commission"
    Changed: the function "Virtual SL TP" pending orders are now used normal (they used to be virtual).
    Added: Hotkeys:
    KEYS Edit Comment Order
    KEYS Chart period M1
    KEYS Chart period M5
    KEYS Chart period M15
    KEYS Chart period M30
    KEYS Chart period H1
    KEYS Chart period H4
    KEYS Chart period D1
    KEYS Chart period W1
    KEYS Chart period MN
    Version 4.1 2019.02.14
    Added: point size - 1 point = 100 pips
    Added: Accounting profit with a broker commission.
    Version 4.0 2019.02.06
    Updated: Risk calculation function. Now the risk will not exceed the established.
    Added: Order Line Options with current risk "Buy | Vol 1.00 | Risk%"
    Added: Toggle Chart Symbol from panel.
    Change: P.O. Distance will not change when using "New Order".
    Version 3.9 2019.01.28
    Fixed: the error function "Partial closure of profits."
    Fixed: Target Loss and Target Profit is now possible to set both positive and negative values.
    Changed: KEYS "New Order": enables and disables with one button. KEYS "X" removed.
    Changed: parameter "Risk step" - moved to advanced options.
    Added: HOTKEYS "Close Limit, Stop" - closing pending orders.
    Added: Parameter "Breakeven profit" on the Settings tab.
    Version 3.8 2019.01.09
    Fixed bug: moving the graph with the left mouse button.
    Disabled: forced shift of the schedule.
    Added: saving the volume when changing the period of the schedule.
    Added: Hotkeys in advanced settings.
    Added: Closing trades upon reaching the established total profit or loss.
    Version 3.7 2018.12.16
    Fixed bug opening price of Buy Stop order
    Version 3.6 2018.12.16
    Fixed a bug (spontaneous closing of an order with virtual TP and SL, if on other charts there were also virtual TP and SL).
    Fixed a bug (multiple opening of orders, when transferring a virtual pending order at the current market price. Now only one order can be opened).
    Fixed the installation of pending orders (Buy Stop, Buy Limit orders are counted from the Ask prices, when placed only with the order marking disabled).
    Fixed bug (moving stop orders with the mouse).
    Version 3.5 2018.12.12
    Added level management Partial TakeProfit
    Added Break Even and Trailing Stop level management
    For lines of partial closure, new lines have been added with the values of the loss-to-profit ratio.
    Added for pending orders, the ability to set the expiration time "Expiration time"
    Added to the Settings panel, Order Comment - order comment.
    Added to the panel Info Symbol, Point cost - the cost of an item per lot.
    Added to the Info Symbol, Margin panel - calculation of margin for the current volume.
    Added to the Close panel, Magic All - to close orders with any identifier.
    Version 3.4 2018.11.19
    Added lock buttons for fixing lines on the chart.
    Added new OCO Order (One Cancels the Other 'orders) feature.
    Optimization of order closing functions (there may have been lags before).
    Version 3.3 2018.11.05
    Added button "N" on the minimized panel to set the marking lines.
    Button N (new order markup) - disabled in the parameters.
    S - open order
    X - remove markup lines.
    Added shading areas for SL TP for markup and open positions. To disable, you need to set the color value (NONE) in the advanced parameters.
    Color TP range
    Color SL range
    Color TP range position
    Color SL range position.
    Added order opening time arrow.
    Order time and line - to disable, set the color value (NONE).
    Version 3.2 2018.10.29
    Fixed saving panel settings.
    For each character retains its settings.
    Version 3.1 2018.10.23
    Added to advanced options:
    DellArrow - enables / disables drawing order arrows.
    Buttun R L - enables / disables the R L buttons.
    Added saving the position of order visualization objects.
    Added saving panel settings.
    Code optimization
    Version 3.0 2018.10.18
    Removing the coordinates of the coordinates in the collapsed state of the panel
    Expanding the panel when changing timeframe or period
    Position of marking lines when changing timeframe
    Showing spread
    Version 2.9 2018.10.11
    Elimination of errors in the construction of marking lines
    Added in advanced settings "Point (pip) Option" to select the value of the Point
    Version 2.8 2018.10.08
    Added selection of String options to the main parameters (String Options)
    Improved arrow removal function after order
    Improved markup function (TP and SL now show correct values including spread)
    Version 2.7 2018.10.02
    Optimization for large monitors.
    Added a loss amount + commission.
    Code optimization
    Version 2.6 2018.09.25
    Critical fixes for large monitors.
    Added a parameter to change the font size.
    Version 2.5 2018.09.25
    Added new options for panel sizes.
    Reduced the size of the folded panel.
    Code optimization.
    Version 2.4 2018.09.17
    Button "Show line" - renamed to "New order"
    For alignment lines of the new order, alignment is added
    Added parameter "Color Text TP1 TP2 ..." changes the color of the text.
    Added a warning about exceeding the maximum lot.
    Code optimization.
    Version 2.3 2018.09.10
    Updated lot function
    New calculation options are added:
    Currency - in the deposit currency
    Percent_Balance - percent of balance
    Percent_Equity - percentage of funds
    Percent_Free_Margin - percentage of free margin
    Percent_Custom - percentage of the user value
    Version 2.2 2018.09.04
    Code optimization
    Version 2.1 2018.08.26
    A new SOUND mode has been added for the Alert function
    Version 2.0 2018.08.23
    Improved notification system.
    Now you can choose from: Message Box, Push Notification, Send Mail.
    For Alert Price and Alert Time: ALERT, PUSH_NOTIFICATION, SEND_MAIL.
    Added change of colors for open items.
    Version 1.9 2018.08.21
    Optimization to reduce CPU load.
    The parameters of the ratio of profit to loss can now be set with one decimal point.
    Version 1.8 2018.07.05
    Fixed re-drawing an open position data if the function is enabled (partial closing).
    Version 1.7 2018.06.21
    Button Close Profit - closing all profitable positions;
    Button Close Loss - closing all losing positions;
    Button R - the Reverse function closes the current position and opens an opposite one;
    Button L - the Locked function opens an opposite position with the same lot;
    An option for closing a position in parts ('Partial Take Profit' parameter).
    Version 1.6 2018.03.29
    Improved the function for checking the current suffix to allow the program to work if the symbol name contains prefixes or suffixes.
    Version 1.5 2018.02.14
    Added automatic hiding of the trade levels on the chart (levels of the open positions, Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending orders). The levels are hidden when you move the mouse cursor over the panel area, and also when placing order using graphic lines (with the Show Line pressed).

    Added checking of the price normalization with consideration of the tick size for the Forex, CFD, MOEX, Metals, Crypto markets.
    Version 1.4 2017.12.01
    Added the Risk_mode parameter.
    Added the Panel_size parameter.

    Fixed the error of display on different monitors.
    Version 1.3 2017.11.06
    Optimized the functions and corrected the visual appearance.
    Version 1.2 2017.09.15
    New function - Symbols All. What does it do?
    1. In the "Close" tab, it closes orders on all symbols.
    2. The Trailing Stop and Break Even functions work for all symbols.

    Changed the visual design.
    Added the display of the Break Even line.
    Added the display of OrderShow.
    Version 1.1 2017.08.08
    Optimization of functions