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Trade Assistant MT5 Demo

Trade panel for comfortable placement of orders using graphical lines. The risk management function calculates the lot, taking into account the Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters in money or percents. Additional features: transferring trades to breakeven, Trailing Stop, the mode of virtual Take Profit, Stop Loss levels and virtual pending orders, settings signals by time or by price, a little information on the current symbol, account, balance.

Trade Assistant MT5 Demo is a free version of Trade Assistant MT5, which works only on the GBPUSD currency pair.

Trade Assistant MT5 works in all markets without restrictions.

Status bar

  • Tick indicator - changes color when a new tick arrives.
  • TS - shown if Trailing Stop > 0 is set.
  • BE - shown if Break Even > 0 is set.
  • Alert - shown if alert is set.

Trade menu

  • Profit/Loss - ratio of profit to loss.
  • Risk - amount of money or a percentage of free margin for calculation of the lot (calculation as a percentage or in money is set in the Settings menu).
  • On/Off - enable/disable the risk management function.
  • Show Line - shows the TP SL Open graphic lines on the chart for convenient placement of orders.
  • TP - edit box for Take Profit in points.
  • SL - edit box for Stop Loss in points.
  • Lot - edit box for Lot.
  • Next are the buttons for opening market and pending orders in one click: Sell, Buy, Sell Stop, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Buy Limit.

How Risk Management works

  • Lot is calculated in money or percents, taking the TP and SL parameters into account.
  • The TP and SL parameters are regulated according to the profit to loss ratio.
  • With the help of the graphic lines, you can easily set the parameters of the future order.

Close menu

  • Profit - current profit by type.
  • Total - the number of orders.
  • Type - type of the order to be closed (Close Sell, Close Buy, Close All, Close Stop, Close Limit).

Settings menu

  • P.O.Distance - distance from the market price for placing pending orders, in points.
  • Trailing Stop - distance from the market price for moving Stop Loss, in points.
  • Trailing Step - modification step in points.
  • Break Even - distance from the price of the open order for placing Stop Loss at the opening price, in points.
  • Risk step - modification step for the -/+ buttons.
  • Risk Calculation - set the risk calculation type to money/percents.
  • Virtual mod - the mode of virtual Take Profit, Stop Loss levels and virtual pending orders.
  • Alert Time - sets a signal at a time in the form of a vertical line on the chart.
  • Alert Price - sets a signal at a price in the form of a horizontal line on the chart.
  • Symbols All - mode of working on all symbols (works with the functions Close, Trailing Stop and Break Even).

Info menu

  • Balance - shows various information on the balance.
  • Symbol - shows various information on the current symbol.
  • Account - shows various information on the account.

Additional Parameters

  • Deviation - maximum price deviation when placing an order, in points.
  • EXPERT_MAGIC - magic number of the program.
  • Risk_mode - select the default risk calculation mode.
  • sound - enable/disable the sound of buttons for performing trade operations.
  • Move_X - horizontal shift.
  • Move_Y - vertical shift.
  • Panel_size - panel size.
  • Font - change the font.
  • AlertTimeMin - signal operation time in minutes for AlertTime.
  • TimeSound - time to play the audio file in seconds.
  • NameSound - name of the played file (for example: Alert.wav).
  • ShowMagnet - snap the graphic lines to the Bid price in points.
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Version 1.6 - 2018.03.29
Improved the function for checking the current suffix to allow the program to work if the symbol name contains prefixes or suffixes.
Version 1.5 - 2018.02.14
Added automatic hiding of the trade levels on the chart (levels of the open positions, Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending orders). The levels are hidden when you move the mouse cursor over the panel area, and also when placing order using graphic lines (with the Show Line pressed).

Added checking of the price normalization with consideration of the tick size for the Forex, CFD, MOEX, Metals, Crypto markets.
Version 1.4 - 2017.12.01
Added the Risk_mode parameter.
Added the Panel_size parameter.

Fixed the error of display on different monitors.
Version 1.3 - 2017.11.06
Optimized the functions and corrected the visual appearance.
Version 1.2 - 2017.09.15
New function - Symbols All. What does it do?
1. In the "Close" tab, it closes orders on all symbols.
2. The Trailing Stop and Break Even functions work for all symbols.

Changed the visual design.
Added the display of the Break Even line.
Added the display of OrderShow.
Version 1.1 - 2017.08.08
Optimization of functions