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Intel careful trade

Intel trade Expert Advisor is based on technical indicator system using Stochastic oscillators on several timeframes. Analyzing trends on three-four charts simultaneously, it finds the price impulse.

The operation is performed using Buy and Sell market orders. The entry is performed according to the trading strategy requirements. Only one trading order can be opened simultaneously. Closing is performed using Take Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing Stop.

  • Expert Advisor type: short-term.
  • Deposit: not less than 1 000 units per 0.1 of the standard lot.
  • Timeframes: from М15 to Н1.
  • Applied strategy: analyzing Stochastic directions on several timeframes.

Intel Trade Forex Expert Advisor Advantages

The Expert Advisor provides weighted analysis of the market using technical tools allowing you to make more objective decisions and avoid false entries to the maximum possible extent.

Also, trailing of Stop Loss and Take Profit is provided. There is an initial Stop Loss managed by the risk reduction logical block.

The reliable trade averager is also provided. It can be configured to one pair or all deals opened in the terminal. There is a very efficient risk reduction logic automatically managing initial and maximum lots according to the equity drawdown.

There is also an automatic configuration of averaging settings with different balance and equity values.

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