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Signal Testing MT4

The purpose of this Expert Advisor is to analyze the MetaTrader 4 signals. The main idea is to emulate the signal copying in the MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester.

Note: the MetaTrader 5 (and not MetaTrader 4) terminal is used because signals are provided for multiple currencies.

This product allows you to:

  • Analyze the signal history for the period it was not monitored;
  • Obtain a detailed report, and more importantly, to estimate the drawdown for the ENTIRE period of the signal's history;
  • Perform testing with a fixed lot;
  • Evaluate the possibility of copying the given signal: how much it depends on the quotes and spread;
  • Analyze the drawdown of each individual order (operation results are output to a file with the data);
  • Verify the reliability of the obtained results based on the difference in the planned and the actual Open/Close price data;
  • Ability to simulate copying the signal at different quotes, spread, initial deposit value, lot percentage values.

How to use this EA:

  1. Select the MetaTrader 4 signal of interest;
  2. Store the signal history to the common folder of the terminals: ..\MetaQuotes\Terminal\Common\Files. If the file is not found, the Expert Advisor will indicate this in the log (see screenshots);
  3. Specify the history file name (without the "csv" extension) in the EA settings;
  4. Run the test.
Important! In order to work properly, the EA requires a file with the signal's history (see screenshots). The opened account must have a hedging position accounting system!
In the demo version, the tests are performed for the last month only.

Description of the Settings:

  • Max. delay opening an order in seconds - the maximum delay for opening orders in seconds. If there are no quotes in this time period, the order will not be opened;
  • Lot type - type of the used lot - percentage of the lot specified in the file or fixed lot;
  • Lot, % - usage percentage of the volume specified in the file;
  • Lot, fix - fixed lot value;
  • Level type - type of the used lot - specified in the file or fixed;
  • TakeProfit fix, point - fixed take profit in points, if 0 or less - disabled;
  • StopLoss fix, point - fixed stop loss in points, if 0 or less - disabled;
  • Hour +/- - adjustment to the time stored in the file, in hours. Required when the current account time does not match the signal time;
  • File name IN- name of the incoming file which contains orders;
  • File name OUT - name of the file to store the results;
  • Decimal separator to save file - delimiter for the fractional part, used when storing to the file. Depends on the settings of your system.
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Version 1.10 - 2017.07.12
Added the ability to perform testing with a fixed lot and fixed levels (Take profit and Stop loss).