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Stop Loss in tight range for Scalper

If minimum Stop Loss/Take Profit setting is larger than minstoplevel set for a symbol, this EA can help in term of setting tighter Stop Loss level without human monitoring.

Parameters Setting

  • Monitor order with StopLoss set:
    • if set to TRUE, order on same symbol with stoploss level will be closed if the stoploss line is hit
    • if set to FALSE, order on same symbol with stoploss level will be ignored

Procedure to use

  1. When line stop loss level > minstoplevel, the EA will automatic put stop loss price on ticket
  2. Attach EA to any chart
  3. You will see a button and 1 red line
  4. Adjust the red line to stop loss price that you wanted
  5. Click the activate button to activate the EA (Auto Trading must be turned ON)
  6. You will see activate button color change from grey to red, which mean the EA is activated
  7. To stop the EA, click again the activate button, this time activate button will turn back grey
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