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Risk Lines

The indicator displays a preset level of risk, for long and for short trades.

Very useful to determine the Stop Loss level, the value of which can be seen on the right axis.

To calculate the level of risk, a Fixed or Last used lot size is used.

Custom Settings

  • A fixed lot size / lot size of the last closed trade
  • Risk for the current account balance / for free margin
  • Level of risk (from 1% to 100%)
  • The colors of lines and labels

Detailed description of the parameters

  • UseLastLot: (true): use the lot size of the last closed order.
  • ConstLot: use the specified lot size, if UseLastLot = false.
  • RiskForBalance: (true): calculate the risk for the current balance; (false): calculate the risk for the free margin.
  • PercentageOfRisk: the level of risk (from 1 to 100 %).
  • LineColor: color of the level lines.
  • LinesAsBackgroud: (true): draw lines in the background.
  • TectColor: the color of the labels.
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