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ScalpingFX PRO

This is a low risk scalping EA based on momentum where we set pending orders to a critical level for a certain amount of time to catch institutional spike movement throughout the year. If you set low risk percentage, this EA can perform well on very small and big accounts. Backtest was done on real tick data with 99% quality. Get the latest optimized setting for this EA by contacting the vendor directly.

The logic

When price is overbought or oversold based on RSI level values, the EA sets pending orders at X pips distance from price for X number of seconds to catch institutional market spikes. If we do not get that market spike within the amount of time allowed, then the pending orders are simply deleted.

What to expect

  • Low Drawdowns
  • Does not trade every day or week
  • May take time to generate profit
  • This is a long-term EA for serious investors
  • Able to trade major news
  • No martingale, no grid, no arbitrage
  • Use stop loss
  • Does not carry losing trades
  • Set and forget (low-latency VPS recommended)
  • Fast execution
  • Available support

EA Parameters

  • Trading Method - choose between market and pending orders
  • Trade Frequency - by tick or close candle
  • Pending Order Distance - distance from the current price to set pending orders
  • Pending Order Duration - timer set for pending orders
  • Max buy trades open - how many buy open trades are allowed
  • Max sell trades open - how many sell open trades are allowed
  • Max Daily Session Loss - % of the equity loss risk per session allowed
  • Max Daily Profit - % of the equity profit allowed per session
  • Maximum spread - disable trading if spread exceeds the value
  • Slippage - disable trading if a slippage exceeds the value
  • RSI Settings - RSI parameters in order to trigger the signal
  • Lot Size Method - Fix or Dynamic (Dynamic needs a stop loss for calculation)
  • Use Auto Stop Loss - set a stop loss to previous higher highs or lower lows automatically
  • Session Settings - set the period when the EA will trade

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy trading!

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