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Jack of all Trades

Jack of all Trades is a EA for trading high market moves. This is a fully automated EA optimized for EURUSD ONLY. The EA can be used on any timeframe because the indicators are locked to M30. The EA uses MACD(7,21,4), MOMENTUM(11) and candlestick history for last 10 candles on M30 for creating a signal. Because the EA is locked on M30, the trades will open on the same spot, it does not matter, on which timeframe it is tested.

Using Jack of all Trades

  • inp1_Buy Percentage - risked amount for buy trades in percent of the users balance. Default is 2.5%
  • inp2_Sell Percentage - risked amount for sell trades in percent of the users balance. Default is 2.5%
  • inp3_Maximum Spread - maximum spread used to open trades. If the spread is above the set value, the EA will not trade. Default is 2 pips. NOTE: the value is in standard pips. It can be used on four and five-digit brokers but the EA always uses the fourth digit 1.1384 (fourth decimal in price value). It can be also set as a five-digit spread filter by using decimals. Example: (2.5) 1.13845.

Good luck and profitable trade to everyone!

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