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Amover EA

Amover is an automatic scalper system powered by hybrid automatic and semi-automatic strategies.

The automatic strategy operates with Fibonacci levels, whereas the semi-automatic strategy allows you (as the system's end-user) to place supports and resistances.

Those hybrid strategies combine to enter a price, but only provided that conditions are appropriate to send an order.

Then, after the order is sent, Amover automatically manages the closing such that the dynamic closing is activated when actual closing conditions match those conditions predefined in the code. As a security measure for closure, secondary systems will allow you to define "take profit" and "stop loss" levels.

To facilitate your usage of Amover, system parameters can be viewed from the operation panel. The panel has various options, such as panel transparency through which you can see to the chart.

Additionally, you can define your indicators of supports and resistances, which will be reflected in the system and thereby make your criteria part of Amover. Finally, a user manual is incorporated within Amover.


Work mainly in currency pairs, GBPUSD, AUDCAD, EURCAD, EURAUD.

  • System - Choose from four strategy options.
  • Extra Control S&R - In the option true, the option is activated.
  • Maximum Spread - Maximum spread allowed to open orders.
  • Maximum Slippage - Maximum Slippage that is allowed.
  • Maximum Order - Maximum Open Orders Allowed.
  • Choice of time - Choice of schedule, choose whether it is calculated in GMT time or the server time.
  • Hour Initial - Start Time for the start of operations.
  • Minute Initial - Start Minute for the start of operations.
  • Hour End - End Time for the end of operations.
  • Minute End - Final Minute for the end of operations.
  • Orders in Weekly opening (false = No opening) - Option that activates and deactivates operations at the beginning of the week.
  • SUPPORT or RESISTANCE - Select which operations are allowed on the line, only buy, only sell or buy and sell.
  • Use S&R - It is an option to activate or deactivate the lines.
  • Lot Size SUPPORT Buy - Volume for buy orders.
  • Lot Size RESISTANCE Sell - Volume for sell orders.
  • Take Profit SUPPORT Buy - Distance to the Take profit for buy operations.
  • Take Profit RESISTANCE Sell - Distance to the Take profit for sell operations.
  • Stop Loss SUPPORT Buy - Distance to the Stop Loss for buy operations.
  • Stop Loss RESISTANCE Sell - Distance to the Stop Loss for sell operations.
  • Inverse extensions - In the true option the extensions will be calculated from 0%, in option false they will be normal from 100%.
  • Do not operate if there is news in (minutes) - If there is news within (minutes) do not open operations.
  • Filter after the news (minutes) - Filter used to filter operations after a news.
  • News Line - In option true, a vertical line will be placed on the graph to inform about the news.
  • Filter News All Pairs - In the option true, the filter of all the news of the economic calendar will be activated.
  • Include high impact news - Enable or disable high impact news.
  • Include medium impact news - Enable or disable medium impact news.
  • Include Low impact news - Enable or disable low impact news.
  • News filter at press conference - Enable or disable the filter used to filter operations if there is a news in a conference press.
  • START FIBO - 0 = CURRENT DAY 1 = PREVIOUS DAY - Choose the fibo calculation day.
  • Lots Button - Volume for operations from the button.
  • Stop Loss Button - Stop Loss for operations from the button.
  • Take Profit Button - Take Profit for operations from the button.
  • Graphic object transparency - Enables or disables panel transparency.
  • User Manual - Turns the built in manual on or off.
  • Panel background - Choose to panel color (1,2,3,4,5) 0 = no color.
  • Auto Color Chart - Activate or deactivate the automatic graphic color.
  • Partial Stop Loss dist - Distance to activate the partial loss.
  • Partial Stop Loss factor - % of closing when reaching the partial distance SL.
  • First take profit (distance) - Distance to activate partial gain.
  • First take profit (closing percentage) - % closing at partial distance TP.
Giuseppe Cacisi
Giuseppe Cacisi 2018.07.14 00:42 

It looks like a great EA with many support and resistance strategies. I await the developer for dynamic lot.