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Daily Break

This Expert Advisor is designed on the basis of daily break out. Settings are optimized for EURUSD in Time Frame D1. But you can modify settings for other currencies.


  • All of orders have stop loss
  • This Expert Advisor does not use any of risky methods like martingale, grid and arbitrage
  • No use of any indicators

Description of settings

  • tp: Distance of take profit to order open price (in point)
  • sl: Distance of order open price to stop loss (in point )
  • maximum spread: Maximum spread that allow to open trade
  • about volume rate: Description about volume rate
  • volume rate: Rate of account balance that use to calculate orders lot automatically
  • slippage: Slippage to open order
  • time filter: Filter time of trade
  • start hour of trade: Start hour of trade
  • end hour of trade: End hour of trade
2018.06.18 13:47 

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Matthew Todorovski
2018.05.10 14:12 

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2017.10.03 18:40 

en probador de estrategia , excelentes resultados

actualizare comentario , en cuenta real .

felicito al autor por su trabajo .