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Wave Forecast

WaveForecast predicts the symbol price based on the user-selected operation mode and waves for analysis. There are no restrictions on timeframes (TF). When selecting the prediction mode, it is necessary to note that the price has a "memory" (return of the price to the previous level) and a level can "get tired" (can be broken).

Demo WaveForecast https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/21911#full_description

The operation modes can be divided into:

  • growth - retracement - growth;
  • fall - retracement - fall;
  • growth - retracement - fall;
  • fall - retracement - growth.

Information on the predicted levels is displayed on the chart of the current instrument using price lines (levels) with user-defined colors. TARGET 1 - solid lines, TARGET 2 - dashed lines.


  • TREND - select a trend (trend can be changed by pressing the TREND button on the chart):
    • UPTREND - ascending trend
    • DOWNTREND - descending trend
    • FLAT - retracement
  • DIRECTION - select a prediction direction (prediction direction can be changed by pressing the DIRECTION button on the chart):
    • UPWARD - upward
    • DOWNWARD - downward
  • COLOR - color of the predicted levels
Disclaimer: Information about the predicted levels is a recommendation for prevention of risks.
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