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Jibe Storm

The Robot "Jibe Storm" is a first class plug and play EA.  It is not necessary to set up a complex parameter or any optimization. Robot use its experience in market for trade.

Robot contain a brain matrix, you can get new experience with newly trade technologies.

It has a brain matrix to keep the market pattern.  When market repeat same pattern to it brain memory.

Robot will send the order to get and wait for result from the repeating of market to those a pattern in its brain.

In this method, fewer will be sending in 2 weeks and more order will be sending  later week and more and more.

Long time continuous running is a real value of Robot. It is not a today purchasing cost.

As long as continuous running. The brain will have more and more pattern. More pattern within the brain is more trade dairly.

A complete yearly continuous running,  the Robot can correct upto 200 patterns. And at the time being trader will have plenty trading and geat result.

It is a great feeling experience to grow a life, children or tree. More and more trading activities from young to adult. That why a bot will create parabolic result!

Leave away from market maker robot, or a stop-loss hunter strategies of it.

Robot has hidden stop-loss and take small profit each trade. So the stop-loss of each order will be hide  from deep market, this will be not a cause to tick the stop-loss hunter of market maker robot to kick out the order.

This robot will be a good result and may be best scalper robot in the planet in a time of you have plenty pattern on-hand. The quality of pattern is from real market, it is not home-made, how its value is on your hand.


The Robot "Jibe Storm" has  input as following

  • Magic Number=12121 (For each order magic number)
  • Comment="Jibi" (For each order comment)
  • Lots=0.01 (Use as a lot trade when InpMarginPercent=0)
  • InpMarginePercent=2 (The value use to calculate Lots when it higher than 0, It will take priority over the fixed lot value)
  • InpTakeProfit=55 (Use as target profit in each order)
  • InpStoploss=100 (Use by virtual stop-loss to stop-loss by Robot)

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Version 1.2 2018.10.06
1) Update trade parameter to suit the market situations.
Version 1.1 2018.09.24
(1) Improvement testing speed.