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Chart Control

The purpose of the Chart Control indicator is to give users easy control of MT4 Chart Properties. It has an additional feature that allows chart properties to be applied or reset after exiting.

While working with the indicators that we have been developing and/or use, we realized that we were modifying the same settings for many of our indicators.

Instead of making these user settings available within all of our indicators, it makes more sense to just put this one out free.

It currently contains 23 user settings that are within 4 groups. The settings are described below by each respective group.


  • Reset Properties On Exit - When true, it saves the current Chart Properties before applying user settings, and then applies the saved settings during indicator exit. When false, the user settings are applied and not removed during exit.
  • Chart Mode - View data in Bar Chart, Candlestick, or Line Chart Mode.
  • Volume Mode - Select between showing the Tick Volume, or hiding the Tick Volume.
  • Price Chart Foreground - When true, draw price on foreground (layer) of chart. When false, draw price below foreground (layer) of chart.
  • Auto Scroll - Enable or Disable the Auto Scroll feature.
  • Chart Shift - Enable or Disable the Chart Shift feature.


  • Show OHLC - Show or Hide the Open, High, Low, and Close values (Displays at top left of Chart).
  • Show Ask Line - Show or Hide the Ask Line.
  • Show Bid Line - Show or Hide the Bid Line.
  • Show Trade Levels - Show or Hide Trade Levels.
  • Show Grid - Show or Hide the Grid.
  • Show Period Separator - Show or Hide the Period Separators.


  • Background Color - Set the Background color.
  • Foreground Color - Set the Chart Foreground color (Y and X axis labels).
  • Line Color - Set the Line color (color of the chart line and Doji candlesticks).
  • Up Color - Set the Up color (color of up bar, its shadow and border of a bullish candlestick's body).
  • Bull Color - Set the Bull color (color of bullish candlestick's body).
  • Down Color - Set the Down color (color of down bar, its shadow and border of bearish candlestick's body).
  • Bear Color - Set the Bear color (color of bearish candlestick's body).
  • Bid Color - Set the Bid color (useful when Show Bid is set to true).
  • Grid Color - Set the Grid Color (only useful when Show Grid is set to true).
  • Volume Color - Set the Volume color (only useful when Volume mode is Tick Volume).


  • Chart Scale Fix - When true, the Chart is set to Scale Fix mode which allows the chart to be fixed on the Y scale (price). When false, Chart Scale Fix is disabled.
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