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This utility is designed for those who want to plan their trades on their own, both by the start time and by the number of orders, with consideration of their volumes. Closure of the opened positions is also completely under user's control. Trading can be performed in manual and automatic mode.


  • Autotrading? - enable automated trading. Enabled by default;
  • StartHour - operation start time in hours. Default is 8;
  • StartMinute - operation start time in minutes. Default is 30;
  • StopHour - operation stop time in hours. Default is 20;
  • StopMinute - operation stop time in minutes. Default is 30;
  • StartingTradeDay - day of the week to start the operation. Default is Monday;
  • EndingTradeDay - day of the week to stop the operation. Default is Saturday;
  • Setting the first line by level - select the model for placing the first line:
  • - By fractals - by the last fractal levels;
  • - The points - by the user-defined level in points. Enabled by default;
  • Indent to set first and step for subsequent lines - level in points for the first line and step for the consequent lines. Default is 10;
  • Number of lines BUY- the number of line levels in buy direction. Default is 5;
  • Number of lines SELL- the number of line levels in sell direction. Default is 5;
  • SettingBars - the number of bars to update setting the levels. Default is 12;
  • Order closing? - the procedure for closing orders when the operation stop time comes:
  • - close all - close all;
  • - close at a loss - close only unprofitable;
  • - close with a profit - close only profitable. Enabled by default;
  • - do not close - do not close anything;
  • Lot is calculated in % of Equity - percentage of free margin to open a new order. Default is 0.3%;
  • The initial lot for Buy, works if Risk = 0 - lot size for buy deals if percentage is set to zero. Default is 0.10;
  • The initial lot for Sell, works if Risk = 0 - lot size for sell deals if percentage is set to zero. Default is 0.10;
  • Volume (number of lots) of the transaction on the line? - the procedure for setting the lot size of subsequent orders:
  • - constant - with a fixed lot;
  • - with increase - with increase by multiplier;
  • - with decreasing- with a decrease by divider. Enabled by default;
  • Change rate of the lot - multiplier (divider) of lots. The default is 1.2;
  • MagicNumber for Buy - magic number for buy orders;
  • MagicNumber for Sell - magic number for sell orders;
  • Transfer to lossless? - transfer to breakeven. Enabled by default;
  • Break-even level - breakeven level. Default is 3 points;
  • Profit level - take profit level. Default is 10 points;
  • Trail of market orders? - trailing of market orders. Disabled by default;
  • Fixed trawl size - fixed trailing size. Default is 30 points;
  • Pitch of trawl - trailing step. Default is 2 points;
  • Works together. To trawl virtually? - virtual trailing. It works in conjunction with one of the trailing types. Enabled by default;
  • Maximum signal risk in% of Balance - loss as a percentage of the balance to generate a signal. Default is 10%;
  • Show information on orders? - display the information on open orders. Enabled by default;
  • Color plus - color to display profit;
  • Color minus - color to display loss;
  • Font- font type. Default is Arial;
  • Font size - font size. Default is 10;
  • Shift to the Right - display a message box. Defaults is 3 bars.
  • set_Alert - display the message window. Enabled by default;
  • set_PlaySound - play an audio file. Disabled by default;
  • set_PlaySoundWave - audio file name. The default is alert.wav;
  • set_Print - show a message in the journal. Disabled by default;
  • set_SendNotification - send push notifications to mobile terminals having appropriate MetaQuotes IDs. Disabled by default;
  • set_SendMail - send emails using an address specified on the Email tab. Disabled by default;

All you need is to have a ready-made strategy for every day use. It can be anything. Remember: the line levels are the levels of your future orders. I hope you will be able to improve your results with this utility. The menu shows the management capabilities. Feel free to try. You will succeed.

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Version 1.1 - 2017.04.20
Improved the procedure of deleting orders at the end of the time for automatic operation of the EA.