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Six times Hunter

6xHunter is Trend follower EA. It identifies the trend using a Bollinger Band and CCI. And then trades in the direction of the trend after a pullback. At last step using price action patterns to confirmed the good trade setup.

The EA parameters are optimized for GBPJPY H4 only and the best part is running fully automatic.


Low risk

  • Follows trend.
  • Trades only 1 pair, avoids the volatility of the market.
  • Trades in H4 timeframe, several times the trend in H4 are often strong and lower noise.
  • Automatically calculates SL size, TP size and Lot size - order by order-, the trade is highly flexible, suitable to the situation.

High Reward

  • SL is not fixed in pips. It is calculated from risk size and candlestick size, so tight and variable for the good R: R Ratio.
  • TP is 5x – 6x of SL size, R: R Ratio = 1:5 – 1:6
  • Break Even will works when price run pass 2.6x. Get profit at least 2x.

Ex. $3,000

Set 5% risk (calculates from free margin). That means you can lose $150(+-) when SL triggers. But if TP triggers, you get $750(+-) or $900(+-) or if BE point you will get $300(+-).

* Don't worry about Lot size. No matter how big or small, when losing you will have a loss = risk size only. There's no way you lose all money by surprise.

** The EA will not trade every day. It may be a long time for 1 position, especially during a sideway range. But when it works you may be sure that it is a good trade setup.


  • Robot ID -
  • Lot Type – fixed risk or dynamic risk (%)
  • Lot Fixed ($) – amount of fixed risk, ex. Set $150, EA will calculate lot size from $150 every orders
  • Lot Dynamic (%) - Risk setting in percentage of the free margin, ex. Free margin $3,000, set 5% risk, the EA uses $150 to calculate lot size. And then when the free margin grows up to $4,000, the EA will use $200 per order.
  • Min SL (pips) – Minimum size for stop loss can be allowed for EA to trade. (use 22 for the best setting)
  • Max SL (pips) – Maximum size for stop loss.
  • SL Buffer (pips)
  • TP Factor – take profit size = SL size x amount. Ex. set to 6, TP size = SL size x 6. (R: R Ratio = 1:6)
  • Min Stop Level (% of TP Factor) – Break Even working point.
  • Stop Level (% of TP Factor) – when BE, SL changed to this point.
  • Slippage
  • Max Orders
  • Close Opposite Positions – if set to YES, EA will close all positions when get opposite signal.
  • Close Profited (Currency. 0.0=Disable) - close all positions when profit to target.
  • Close Loss (Currency. 0.0=Disable) - close all positions when loss to target.
  • Freezing – Set Enable to Trading pause.
  • Numbers of loss – when loss to target, EA will pause.
  • Freezing Period (Candles) – How many candles you want to pause.
  • Day Trade – Set Enable If you want to trade someday.
  • Days (1=Monday)-
  • Time Mode
  • GMT Offset
  • Enable Full Counter – Recovery Mode. Ex. Sell and lost, then Ea will consider to Buy for recovery. (works in some orders where appropriate,not all)
  • TP Factor – TP size for full counter order.
  • Enable SR – Enable to trade counter trend with support and resistance.
  • Lot Type – for SR Mode.
  • Lot Fixed ($) – for SR Mode.
  • Lot Dynamic (%) - for SR Mode.
  • TP Factor - for SR Mode.
  • Fractals
  • Strict Reversal
  • Simple Reversal -
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Period – BB Period to filter order.
  • Deviations - BB Deviation to filter order.
  • Enable Middle Band – Enable to trade at middle band too.
  • Min Bandwidth (pips) - Minimum size between lower band and upper band can be allowed for EA to trade. (use 235 for the best setting)
  • Band Gap (pips) - Maximum size for gap from the band can be allowed for EA to trade. (use 110 for the best setting)
  • Price Deviation
  • Type - CCI or RSI.
  • Period – CCI or RSI Period to filter order.
  • Buy Level > - The numeric value can be allowed for EA to open buy order.
  • Sell Level < - The numeric value can be allowed for EA to open sell order.


  1. Please set Min SL = 22, Min Bandwidth = 235 and Band Gap = 110. I think that such settings are better and should not be changed any more.
  2. This EA analyze a trading algorithm for 2016 - 2017. Please do not use in 2015 or below, even if you have a time machine. {;P)
  3. If you backtest in MetaTrader 4 (modeling quality 90% or below) results may not be good. Because of MetaTrader 4 backtesting uses prices that are randomly generated from bar data. Therefore, to ensure that the test results are the most realistic, I perform backtests by using the prices that were historically traded and recorded tick by tick (modeling quality 99%), with the real spread in history.
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Version 1.10 - 2017.05.11
optimize some parameters and indicators for better