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EA Voyager

EA Voyager is an automatic scalping system designed for day and night trading (during: European, American, Pacific and Asian sessions). It uses a flexible algorithm of money management (selectable by user):

  • Trading a single deal
  • Trading using averaging
  • Trading using exponential increase of the lot

How EA Voyager trades

EA Voyager uses a number of custom indicators to determine the direction of the main trend, and waits for its retracement to make a deal in the direction of the main market trend. Stop Loss is used in each deal, thus preventing significant drawdown and loss of the trading capital!

EA Voyager also uses a smart system for monitoring the trading risk, which closes unprofitable deals without waiting for the Stop Loss to trigger, in case the price reverses against the open position.

The default parameters of the EA Voyager are set for testing and trading the USD/JPY currency pair (М5 timeframe).

Recommended conditions for using EA Voyager

  • Minimum deposit – $100 or higher (per each currency pair)
  • Currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, XAU/USD
  • Timeframe: М5
  • Trading account types: ECN and STP

Description of the EA Voyager parameters for manual adjustment

Trading Parameters

  • MaxSpread – maximum spread filter
  • ReversSignal (true/false) – trade in both directions (enable/disable)
  • StepPrice – step of the price for opening new deals
  • Size_Stop_Loss – stop loss size in points
  • Size_Take_Profit – take profit size in points
  • Size_Lot_1 – volume of the first deal

MM_Parameters 0 - off, 1 - On the transaction, 2 - By series

  • MM_Method – select the money management method
  • MM_Risk – parameter for the automatic risk calculation
  • Lot_Exponent – parameter for increasing the traded lot
  • Max_Deals – the maximum number of simultaneously opened deals
  • Magic_Number – identifier of the deals

Trading Channel #1

  • Channel_Period – period of the trade channel

Indicator of rotation #1

  • Period_Rotation – period of the price reversal indicator
  • Bulls_Level – level of the upward reversal
  • Bears_Level – level of the downward reversal

Indicator of market power #1

  • Period_Power – period of the market strength indicator
  • Level_Power – market strength level

Indicator of risk #1

  • Risk_Period – period of the risk indicator
  • Bears_Risk – level for sells
  • Bulls_Risk – level for buys

Trend Indicator #1

  • Indicator (true/false) – use the trend indicator (enable/disable)
  • Size_Trend – trend size
  • Size_S – shift parameter
  • Size_T – deviation parameter
  • Size_P – averaging parameter
  • Trend_Deviation – trend volatility parameter

Trading Channel #2

  • Channel_Period_1 – period of the trade channel

Indicator of rotation #2

  • Period_Rotation_1 - period of the price reversal indicator
  • Bulls_Level_1 - level of the upward reversal
  • Bears_Level_1 - level of the downward reversal

Indicator of market power #2

  • Period_Power_1 - period of the market strength indicator
  • level_Power_1 - market strength level

Indicator of risk #2

  • Risk_Period_1 - period of the risk indicator
  • Bears_Risk_1 - level for sells
  • Bulls_Risk_1 - level for buys

Trend Indicator #2

  • Indicator_1 - use the trend indicator (enable/disable)
  • Size_Trends_1 - trend size
  • Trend_Deviation_1 - trend volatility parameter

Trading Channel #3

  • Channel_Period_2 – period of the trade channel

Trading Channel #3

  • Period_Rotation_2 - period of the price reversal indicator
  • Bulls_Level_2 - level of the upward reversal
  • Bears_Level_2 - level of the downward reversal

Indicator of market power #3

  • Period_Power_2 - period of the market strength indicator
  • Level_Power_2 - market strength level

Indicator of risk #3

  • Risk_Period_2 - period of the risk indicator
  • Bears_Risk_2 - level for sells
  • Bulls_Risk_2 - level for buys


  • Start_after_market_open_minutes – delay the trading start after the market opens (in minutes)
  • Friday_Stop – time to stop trading on Friday
  • Friday_Close – time to close deals on Friday
TITUS114 2018.05.24 18:54 

I use this EA VOYAGER SINCE 2 month, most of trades win and i notice that my balance has increased about 20% with 0.03 fixed lot.

I'm waiting the end of the next 2 month to review my comment.

24/05/2018 : USD/JPY still good but the only

tforexm1 2018.03.07 21:14 


Voyager Signals removed again when big drawdown ocurred. Igor please trust in your own EAs. I think I trust them more than you do.


If you know what pairs and what risk to handle, then this EA will be profitable. Hopefully it will remain profitable along the time.


EA is working fine. (I have only two pairs). I improved the rating to 3 stars, not 4 or 5 yet because of what happended in the previous review. It's fine to have drawdown but please don't delete the live monitoring signals if something goes wrong. It's more reliable to let the EA do its job and recover the losses. If this good performance continues over the next months, I eventually will give 4-5 stars.


I had to rate the EA before expected because of something important. Huge loss over 20-25% DD in USDCHF in just 24 hours. Fortunately I didn't have that pair in my portfolio. What makes me really worried of this, is that the author just removed the signal after this big loss. So I would say it's not reliable at all. I'd prefer he keeps the signal and see how it overcomes the situation instead of just removing it and waiting for a better luck to open a new one. I won't give 1 star because I think this EA can be still profitable.

Mehdirezaei 2018.03.07 09:36 

If you want Lose your money,you can Buy an EA form Igor,like Voyager and every product he make.

i bought Voyager and acrobat and just lose my money.

also he deleted Voyager signal when voyager Lose money.he will delete every signal when EA lose money.Igor is not trusteble

proftoe 2018.02.17 06:33 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

choose6569 2018.02.16 21:24 

очень жирные лоси(( сеточник он и в Африке сеточник((

Siu Cheung Colin Tsui
Siu Cheung Colin Tsui 2017.12.13 05:00 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

higgi85430 2017.10.12 04:33 

I have finally decided to do a review after much back testing and real account testing. I have only decided to give Voyager EA 2 stars at this time because the back-test trades and results do not match the real account trades and results for the same time period. It is not that the profit performance is not the same but that the trades executed are not the same. I noticed that the EA did not have any trades in my real account, for about 1 week, but when I did a back-test on the same data (99 Model quality Tick Data Suite) there were many profitable trades for the same time period. The only criteria we have to purchase any EA is the belief that EA will function the same way in real-time trading both Real or Demo accounts as it does in back-test. Voyager does not do high speed trading, as the author has already indicated, so the trades in live/demo trading should match the back-test very closely. I know we take the risk that ea's will not perform profitably in future trading, no one can give us that guaranteed, but we do expect that the EA functions on the same data both in the tester and real account. I have not found that Voyager functions the same way on live data as it does in the back tester because of what I have already mentioned and if it did it would be a profitable ea. In my opinion this EA should be named Schizophrenic because it behaves one way in the tester and another on the chart. See attached image in the comments near comment 64.


Update to my previous review: I have decided to update my review on this ea and increase my rating of it. I will leave what I said about it here for now but I wanted to indicate that this ea has great potential for profit. It takes a little time to get familiar with it. The author is correct when he says that it behave different with different brokers and I figured out that is mainly because of the broker spread and ea spread setting. I tried various values to this setting and it has allowing me to get trades more accurate with the back test. I indicated that the back test were very good with this ea. You will need to get to know this ea carefully but in the end I believe it can be very profitable.

Anatolij Anufriev
Anatolij Anufriev 2017.09.13 15:25 

I use half a year. Good multi-currency diversification. Earned about 9000 USD. Stable profit, low drawdown. The adviser trades on the trend around the clock, there are no analogues in the market. The best EA.

Surprisingly low price. EA should cost at least 1000 USD.

Good support. Thank You Igor.

burak bahadir
burak bahadir 2017.08.31 10:10 

Well, U need to put limit to your max order or your account will be like this https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/316386.

Seems the Author has removed the signal after the big loss *

I was lucky I have already stopped using Voyager.

FXIMAX 2017.07.29 14:41 

Хороший советник ! Просадки большой не допускает ! точки входа радуют ! автор советника отзывчивый и на все вопросы даже дурные отвечает )))

Thomas Gruening
Thomas Gruening 2017.07.03 16:04 

I use the EA for 3 months. Very suitable for the Maintrend Trading. A news filter to prevent trading from possible trendbreaking High Impact News would make the EA perfect. However, 5 stars !!!

Eduardo Linares
Eduardo Linares 2017.06.29 22:40 

Great EA, it took some time to set it up right and going up and down in circles until finally is working fine. The best pair so far for me is USDCHF but as I mentioned you have to be very careful with your settings, and there are so many here. This month my profit is about 15% so this is good.

Ted NO FX 2017.05.29 18:36 

Rent for 1 month from now. Will testing and update review later. Best regards Ted

Stanislav Tomilov
Stanislav Tomilov 2017.04.14 18:47 

Отличный советник, рекомендую! За эти деньги просто бомба, поверьте мне тут есть продукты гораздо хуже, и в разы дороже.

Подойдет как для маленьких депозитов, для "разгона" депо и агрессивной торговли, так и для больших счетов и работы с маленькими рисками.

Все сделки защищены стопами, и выходом по обратному сигналу индикаторов.

Это уже второй продукт Игоря который я активно использую на своих счетах, оба советника прекрасно дополняют друг друга.