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Dynamic Time Frames

The Dynamic Time Frames (DTF) indicator provides visualization of multiple Time Frames (TFs).

It is important to understand that DTF does not provide trading signals or guarantee trading success.

However, it does provide insight into market information which could aide in the development or use of a trading strategy.

DTF repaints purposefully for the user's viewing area which requires less objects and memory usage.

Ability to modify Chart Properties, but also allows previous Chart Properties to be saved and reset when DTF exits.

TFs can be set to Open Close or High Low, and TFs are drawn on the foreground or background.

TF PIP calculations and Trend Lines with many color customizations and options.

Scrolling the mouse within history while having auto-scroll off, allows the TFs to replay visually.

When using multiple instances of DTF, the graphical representation of multiple TFs can become visually enhanced.

DTF is intended to have periodic updates which will be evaluated from testing and/or user reviews.

Currently, DTF contains 41 user settings.

[Chart Settings]

  • Modify Chart Properties
  • Reset Properties On Exit
  • Background Color
  • Foreground Color
  • Line Color
  • Up Color
  • Bull Color
  • Down Color
  • Bear Color
  • Bid Color
  • Show Grid
  • Grid Color
  • Show Ask Line
  • Show Bid Line
  • Show Trade Levels

[Time Frame Settings]

  • Bar Count
  • Show Body
  • Bar Gap
  • Drawing Layer
  • Body Style
  • Body Line Style
  • Body Line Width
  • Body Up Color
  • Body Down Color
  • Body Zero Color
  • Show Open Close Line
  • Open Close Line Width
  • Open Close Line Up Color
  • Open Close Line Down Color
  • Open Close Line Zero Color
  • Show High Low Line
  • High Low Line Direction
  • High Low Line Width
  • High Low Line Up Color
  • High Low Line Down Color
  • High Low Line Zero Color
  • Show PIP Labels
  • PIP Label Up Color
  • PIP Label Down Color
  • PIP Label Zero Color
  • Object Prefix
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