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Heiken Ashi Fibonacci Advanced

How it works

It is trading only in the trend direction using Heiken Ashi and ZigZag to detect entries.

In addition to ZigZag as a signal entry, it is working to determine the Fibonacci levels as it is a great tool to show where the trend started and finished to draw the Fibo retracements/lines then to allow the expert place SL/TP upon the Fibo levels.

It uses two ZigZag lines to filter (confirm) the direction of the market, by overlapping of both lines.

In addition, it draws the Fibonacci Retracements as you know:

  1. Fibonacci Level 0.0%
  2. Fibonacci Level 23.6%
  3. Fibonacci Level 38.2%
  4. Fibonacci Level 50.0%
  5. Fibonacci Level 61.8%
  6. Fibonacci Level 100.0%


  • Strategy:
    1. Strategy 1: Fibonacci Level 23.8 Break Out (example screenshot attached).
    2. Strategy 2: Heiken Ashi Prev. Candle High/Low Break Out (example screenshot attached).
  • Magic Number: The Trades' Magic Number.
  • Lot Type:
    1. Fixed
    2. Auto Lot Size
    3. Advanced Money Management

If Lot Type = Fixed

Then Lot Size = The Fixed Lot Size what ever the account balance is.

If Lot Type = Auto:

Then Lot Size will be = Account Balance / calculated amount * calculated lot;

calculated amount is the Amount for Auto Lot

calculated lot is the Auto Lot Size Each Amount you defined to be calculated with the Amount for Auto Lot

Example: You have entered the value of Amount for Auto Lot = 100

& The value of the Auto Lot Size Each Amount Entered as = 0.01

While your current account balance is 900$

Then any placed trade will open 0.09 lot size, as 900/100*0.01

If your account balance is 300$ then the lot size would be 0.03

If Lot Type = Advanced Money Management

the lot size will be calculated as below formula:

Advanced Money Management Lot = Account balance * Risk Management(%) / stop loss pip

  • Fixed Lot Size (Lot Type: Fixed): when selection is Manual mode, this value of the lot size will be same whatever the account balance.
  • Amount (Lot Type: Auto): When you select the Lot Type = Auto, the lot size will be calculated on the entered balance that you entered in the EA inputs.
  • Lot Size Each Amount (Lot Type: Auto): Would be calculated with the Amount you defined in the EA inputs for Auto Lot Size.
  • Percentage (Lot Type: Advanced Money Management): Account balance * Risk Management(%) / stop loss pip
  • SL & TP Type:
    1. Classical by Pips
    2. Fibonacci Levels
  • Stop Loss in Pips (Classic Only): Value is in Pips.
  • Take Profit in Pips (Classic Only): Value is in Pips.
  • Stop Loss (Fibonacci Only): a selected Fibo line price.
  • Take Profit (Fibonacci Only): a selected Fibo line price.
  • Max. Slippage: Maximum Slippage in points.
  • Lines color: Fibonacci line color.
  • Lines style: Fibonacci line style.
  • Lines width: Fibonacci line width.
  • ZigZag Small Depth: Main ZigZag Depth.
  • ZigZag Small Deviation: Main ZigZag Deviation.
  • ZigZag Small Backstep: Main ZigZag Backstep.
  • ZigZag Big Depth: 2nd (Bigger) ZigZag Depth.
  • ZigZag Big Deviation: 2nd (Bigger) ZigZag Deviation.
  • ZigZag Big Backstep: 2nd (Bigger) ZigZag Backstep.
  • Enable Trailing Stop: True: will enable the Trailing Stop. False: will disable the trailing stop.
  • Trailing Start: The value in points, where the orders modification of Stop Loss should happen.
  • Trailing Stop: The update of Stop Loss in points. It will be updated when the value of Trailing Start has reached.
  • Trailing Step: The Trailing Step is used in conjunction with the Trailing Stop.
  • Close All in News: Enabling this option could stop trading (and close all opened trades) in the minutes of news.
  • BeforeNewsStop - time in minutes before the news for the EA to pause operation, for example, 5 minutes before the news release. The EA switches to "News time" mode.
  • AfterNewsStop - time in minutes after the news for the EA to pause operation, for example, 5 minutes after the news release. The EA deactivates the "News time" mode.
  • NewsLight, NewsMedium, NewsHard - enable downloading weak, medium and strong news.
  • offset - Time zone (GMT).
  • NewsSymb - list of all currencies, for which the news should be downloaded. If empty, currencies of the current symbol are used.
  • DrawLines - draw lines on the chart.
  • Next - draw only the upcoming news, do not draw the past news.
  • Signal - alert about the approaching news at the distance of BeforeNewsStop minutes.

It is working with any broker, any pair, any time frame, any Account Type and any condition.

Charles Wanjau
2017.04.24 00:30 

I just want to Congratulate you for the great development you are doing in making sure that we are benefiting from your knowledge of creating EA. Im very proud of you. And may Allah give you more knowledge to better your best!

I have rented this EA and I'm sure it's going to perform Great!

The author Mr. Soubra is very helpful and patient to his customers , looking forward to his new works.

Jarrar Khan
2017.04.18 15:01 

Dear Soubra,

Thanks a lot for the great EA, Well-done and keep up the wonderful work :)

Version 2.10 - 2017.05.11
- The 4th parameters for ZigZag Big Inputs are shown after they have hidden mistakenly to allow you determine the bigger ZigZag inputs to get the overlap ZigZag pattern as shown in the product's screenshots
- A comment on the chart when the Fibonacci levels are available will appear on the top-left of the chart window showing Fibo levels prices