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Dynamic Box Signal

The dynamic box signal indicator is designed to Breakout. The Dynamic box signal draws a dynamic Breakout Boxes with its own algorithm. These boxes allow the investor to enter the job.

The dynamic box signal indicates the entry points to the investor. Indicates the exit points. The investor is alerted by the alert feature. If the investor wants to display the points on the MT4 screen. With this indicator, the investor does not constantly wait for the screen. If the signal comes, the indicator sends an alert to the investor.


          Enter processing

  • Breakout candle should be wholly in one-half of the box (top half for long, bottom for short)
  • Candle should move 5 pips beyond the box before entry (to minimize impact of fake breakouts)
  • Enter when the market moves 5 pips beyond box (initial stop loss = middle of the box zone, so on a 30pip box  sl=5+15=20 pips, this also means if you follow entry rule 1 it is below the low of the candle). 
  • First TP at +10 pips (+15 from box), close half of your position, move SL to the edge of the box (at this point you will have locked in +5 pips profit)
  • Second TP (close your remaining position) at +20 pips (+25 from box) or when a second box forms



  • BoxLength - Box length
  • BoxTimeFrame - Speak box chart setting.
  • BoxRange - fixed box range, when auto box range is false
  • AutoBoxRange - when true, will use 
  • AutoBoxRangeDailyATRperiod - Period
  • AutoBoxRangeDailyATRfactor - daily atr value as the box range value
  • BoxBufferPips - Add this amount to the box yellow and magenta lines
  • DaysBack - Calendar days back; 0=full history
  • MinBarsClosedOutsideBO - Number of bars to close outside the BO levels to signal trades; 0 means "enter immediately on Breakout"
  • ShowDisplayPanel - False will hide the display panel 
  • ShowTPLevels - False will hide the TP levels
  • ShowTPLevelsOnLastBoxOnly - To limit the TP levels to the last box only
  • TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4, TP5, TP6, TP7, TP8,TP9 - Take profit Levels
  • TPLevelColor - Take profit color setting
  • TP_is_pips_above - Any TP input above this value is considered as a fixed pip value, below is a factor of the box size (including buffer pips);
  • BuySignalArrowCode - Buy signal arrow code setting
  • BuySignalArrowColor - Buy signal arrow color setting
  • SellSignalArrowCode - Sell signal arrow code setting
  • SellSignalArrowColor - Sell signal arrow color setting
  • SignalMail - Mail alert setting
  • SignalAlert - Alert setting
  • CreateStatisticsFile - Create statistics file setting
  • BreakoutBoxFontSize - Breakout box font size  
  • BreakoutBoxColor - Breakout box color setting
  • BreakoutBoxContColor - Breakout box cont color setting
  • BreakoutBoxContFullColored - True will draw a full rectangle rather than an "empty" rectangle
  • BreakoutBoxContPriceColor - Breakout box cont price color setting
  • BreakoutPriceColor - Breakout price color setting 
  • BreakoutPriceWidth - Breakout price width setting
  • StatsColor - Stats color setting
  • StatsBGColor - Stats  Color setting
  • StatsCorner - 0=upper-left, 1=upper-right, 2=lower-left, 3=lower-right
  • BoxVerticalLineDelimiter - False to remove vertival box delimiter lines;
  • BoxVerticalLineColor - Box vertical line color setting
  • SwingLabelsFontSize - Swing labels font size setting
  • SwingLabelsColor - Swing labels color setting 
  • Fonts - Fonts setting
  • debug - Debug mode

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