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Adertha is a MetaТrader 5 trading robot.

Trading Strategy

The strategy of this expert is based on the technical analysis methods developed by John Tirone, described in the book "Classical Technical Analysis as a Powerful Trading Methodology", as well as the cyclic oscillator by Doug Schaff.

Requirements for the EA operation:

  • Minimum deposit: $1000 or above;
  • 5(3)-digit quotes with spread size of 0-5 (0-50 for 5-digit) points.
  • Leverage: 1:300 or higher;
  • Quotes: EURUSD;
  • Recommended account type – ECN.

Input parameters

  • EA Comment - comments;
  • Lot - base lot for opening new orders;
  • MM - money Management (Free Margin, Balance, Loss Free Margin, Loss Balance, Constant Lot);
  • Stop Loss(points) - stop loss in points of the current instrument. 0 - not used;
  • Take Profit(points) - take profit in points of the current instrument;
  • Max.spread(points) - limit for the maximum spread in points. 0 - not used;
  • Deviation(points) - maximum price deviation in points of the instrument;
  • Magic number - EA's magic number. For working with its own orders only;
  • Overbuying zone - level of the overbought area, when exceeded, the Schaff oscillator generates a signal;
  • Overselling zone - level of the oversold area, when exceeded, the Schaff oscillator generates a signal;
  • Fast moving average period - period of the fast moving average;
  • Slow moving average period - period of the slow moving average;
  • Oscillator period - period of the cyclic oscillator;
  • Period of the indicator - period of the Tirone levels indicator.

Tips for Working with this Expert Advisor

  • Apart from EURUSD, other currency pairs may be added, but it is necessary to optimize the Overbuying/Overselling zone and Take Profit/Stop Loss parameters.
  • When working with multiple currency pairs, it is recommended to use the ММ =Constant Lot mode;
  • Do not forget that increasing the profit increases the risks of trading.
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