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Everest M15

Everest М15 is a universal Expert Advisor based on the system of scalping.

The unique deal management method allows the EA to significantly reduce the drawdown and thus the risk of trading!

The EA can trade almost all currency pairs on the M15 timeframe.‌

The EA is equipped with a Stop Loss.

Equipped with automatic calculation of the lot size.

For ease of use, the EA has a minimum of input parameters and requires minimal intervention from the user.


  • Slpp - stop loss as a percentage of the channel width
  • Lot - lot size
  • autoLots - automatic calculation of the lot size.
  • magic - magic number of orders.
  • MSpread - maximum allowed spread.
Marius Guscius
Marius Guscius 2017.05.09 14:29 

Very nice EA. Since I have all the tick data for last 10+ years I have tested countless EAs without success. But this one is very promising. I like how it opens up orders only during night time, so you can review them during day whenever you have some time. Very good work Vadim.

Also until 5 stars it needs only these things:

1. Max lots (when using autolot) should be matched to the brokers max allowed lot size

2. We need input to control autolot risk by percentage of the balance

Other than that it is very good EA.