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Fx Sea Wolf

The Fx Sea Wolf Expert Advisor trades key levels: ZigZag, Fractals, Moving Average, applying an advanced automated algorithm.

The EA analyzes the market and places pending orders at some distance from these levels. Based on the shift, Stop Loss and Take Profit are set. If the market situation changes, the EA removes its orders and places new ones.

The EA has good informative characteristics in terms of key parameters, and those using it are provided with full information about the EA operation and trading.

Today it is one of the most advanced trading techniques used for selling fee-based signals and for account management. It has been created on the basis of over 8-year trading experience.


  • Backstep - ZigZag indicator parameter.
  • Depth - ZigZag indicator parameter.
  • Deviation - ZigZag indicator parameter.
  • Indent buy plus-minus*- shift to he opposite direction.
  • Indent From Fractal*- shift from the fractal to place an order.
  • Pips-1 Point-0 - switch from Pips to Point.
  • Spread-Slip - if above 0, slippage is equal to Spread-Slip minus the market spread.
  • Slip*- initial slippage.
  • Slip max*- maximum slippage value.
  • Lot*- lot size.
  • Lot Exponent - lot multiplier for an order after a losing one (an optional parameter).
  • Number of Loss - the number of the losing order on which lot exponent is applied.
  • Next ZigZag - if this parameter is enabled, other orders will be deleted and only 1-2 of them will be left; if disabled - orders will only be deleted by parameter Life Time Order No Open h.
  • Тake Profit*- take profit value.
  • Stop Loss*- stop loss value.
  • Close Order - parameter to close orders before they are closed by TakeProfit. The Close Order parameter must be less than TakeProfit, it is used to mislead the broker.
  • Ma Period - if this parameter is greater than 0, then Stop Loss is determineed automatically using the Moving Average indicator parameter.
  • Life Time Order No Open h - order life time in hours - untriggered order will be deleted.
  • Time Open Order sec- time in seconds after order opening to close the order if the target profit is already reached.
  • Time Profit - profit level to close the order by Time Open Order sec.
  • Proportional lot - money management parameter, if enabled - lot will be increased by Lot step when Starting Deposit is doubled.
  • Starting Deposit - initial deposit value for money management.
  • Lot step - lot increase stem when MM is on.
  • Breakeven On-Of - enable the breakeven function.
  • Breakeven Start - number of points aft which breakeven should be set.
  • Breakeven - breakeven amount.
  • Trailing Stop - enable Trailing Stop.
  • Trailing Statr - the distance in points after which Trailing Stop is enabled.
  • Sound Orders Profit - the name of the sound file for profit (must be available in the Sound folder of the terminal).
  • Sound Orders Loss - the name of the sound file for losses.
  • Sound Orders Open - the name of the sound file for order opening.
  • Sound Orders - the name of the sound file for pending orders.
  • Comments - show information in the upper left corner of the chart.
  • Engl - language.
  • Magic - unique magic number for the EA's orders.
  • Reset - reset counters.
  • Reset Time - beginning of time, since when the EA gathers statistics.
  • Color - choose color for the displayed information.
  • GMT- show/hide the clock on the screen.

Indicators ZigZag, Fractals, Moving Average must be available in the terminal.

It is recommended to run the Expert Advisor on chart periods of 60, 30 minutes. It is also recommended to optimize the EA once a month for a not lower period. It is highly recommended to use the order closure by time.

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Version 1.1 - 2017.07.31
Minor bug fix. Does not affect the operation of the previous EA version, but will affect future versions.