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Classic EA

A classic breakout strategy for gold, designed according to the rules of system creation: logical basic idea, a small number of parameters to be optimized, forward tests and so on. This results in an Expert Advisor for a calm portfolio trading. The main features of the algorithm:

  • Determination of the levels with the probable accumulation of pending orders and stop losses;
  • Market entry in the direction of the level breakout;
  • Consideration of the current volatility to determine the optimal TP/SL;
  • The proprietary "proportional noose" algorithm for position maintenance;
  • Splitting positions to gradually take profit;
  • No risky techniques.
The EA is designed for netting accounts. Fully configured and ready to work.

Expert Advisor Setup:

  • Symbol - XAUUSD (GOLD);
  • Timeframe - H1;
  • Risk - setting the working lot: < 0 - fixed lot, > 0 - risk per trade (0.01=1%).
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