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If you are searching for a great RSI trading robot, then this product is waiting for you.

It is trading the RSI with a smart strategy and filter.

  • No Hedge
  • No Martingale
  • No Grid
  • Low Risk

EA Parameters

  1. Buy: true: enable, false: disable.
  2. Sell: true: enable, false: disable.
  3. Magic Number: Any Trades' ID.
  4. Lot Size: Trades' Fixed Lot Size.
  5. Stop Loss (0 = Disable): Stop Loss in Pips.
  6. Extra TP: Value in pips to be added to the default TP.
  7. Max. Slippage: Maximum Allowed Slippage (If exceeded, no trades will be placed).
  8. Use Time To Close Position: true: enable, false: disable.
  9. Minute(s) To Close: The time to close the current position as it is too late to get profit.
  10. RSI Period: The RSI period.
  11. RSI Over Bought: The RSI higher edge.
  12. RSI Over Sold: The RSI lower edge.
  13. RSI Price: How it is calculated.

Working with all brokers, all Account Types, all Pairs‌.

2017.03.16 13:31 

Nice backtests results. EA need some improvements like martingale, hedge other new functionalities to trade more often, less than 40 trades per year is quite low.

update #1:

Started on demo with settings form comment #30: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/21706#!tab=comments&page=2&comment=4187890

3 charts (timeframe m1), 1000$, lot size 0.01, mql5 vps - latency 10ms.

Version 1.37 - 2017.06.13
- Fixed serious bugs in the code. It was placing only Buy trades, The Sell entry error fixed successfully now.
- Added two options (Enable Buy & Enable Sell) to allow you enable/disable buy only, sell only, or both.
- New parameter/option: (Extra TP) pips added to the default auto built-in TP.