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Forex builder EA

The Expert Advisor operates as a strategy generator. Separate settings are available for buy and sell orders. The EA uses the following standard MT4 indicators: Bollinger Band, CCI, RSI, RVI, Force Ingex, Moving Average, DeMarker, MACD, OsMA, Stohastic, WPR, Money Flow Index.

In order to activate the News Stop Trading function, enable Allow WebRequest and add "http://www.dailyfx.com" into the URL list for WebRequest. To do this, open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL: http://www.dailyfx.com and click "OK".

Sample set files are available in comments.


  • UseFifoClose: close orders in compliance with FIFO
  • panel show: show/hide the balance panel
  • hour trade friday: restrict trading on Friday
  • end hour trade friday: time after which orders will not be open on Friday
  • close order friday: closure of open orders on Friday
  • hour close order friday: the time at which open orders should be closed on Friday
  • Lots: fixed lot, if 0 - Percent
  • Percent: percent of free margin
  • InpNewsFilterEnabled: enable the News Stop Trading system
  • InpNewsLevel: the importance of news to stop trading
  • InpNewsMinutesBefore: the number of minutes before the news release to stop trading
  • InpNewsMinutesAfter: the number of minutes after the news release to resume trading
  • InpNewsTimezoneShiftTest: time zone offset for the testing mode
  • InpNewsTimezoneShiftLive: time zone offset for the live trading mode
  • InpNewsDoClose: close or not orders before the news release
  • InpNewsDoCloseAllMinutesBefore: the number of minutes before the news release to close orders
  • InpNewsMainColor: color of news on the chart
  • InpNewsUpdateEachMins: news update time in minutes
  • InpNewsShowInfo: shoe news on the chart
  • InpNewsManualUpdateMonths: number of months to update news
  • OpenOrdersLimit: max number of open orders
  • maximum spread: maximum spread
  • comment: a comment to open orders
  • Trailing: enable the trailing stop function
  • TrailingStop: profit in points for the trailing stop
  • TrailingGap: trailing step
  • breakeven: enable/disable the breakeven function
  • breakeven distance: points to enable breakeven
  • breakeven point: number of points to set the breakeven
  • bar: bar selection
  • Magic: number to determine the EA's orders
  • NumberOfTry: number of attempts to close, open or modify an order.
  • ECN: setting sl and tp during order placing or after it is opened (for ECN accounts).
  • slippage: slippage value
  • cci_close: enable/disable closure by CCI

Parameters for SELL trading

  • sell - on or off: enable/disable trading in the SELL direction
  • HoursFromsell: trading start time in hours
  • HoursTosell: trading end time in hours
  • ma_cci_close_sell: CCI period
  • cci_close_sell: CCI value
  • ma trend sell: MA indicator period for determining trend
  • select stop loss: choose stop loss setting method - static in points or dynamic based on ATR
  • period atr for dynamic stop loss: ATR period for dynamic stop loss calculation
  • stop loss point or risk stop loss atr: stop loss in points or risk value
  • take profit point or risk take profit: take profit in points or risk value
  • select TF indicators 1,2,3: indicator timeframe
  • select indicators 1,2,3: indicator selection
  • period indicators 1,2,3: indicator period
  • value indicators 1,2,3: indicator value
  • select TF indicators 4,5: indicator timeframe
  • select indicators 4,5: indicator selection
  • fast ema or k period: fast ema MACD and OsMA or k period for Stochastic for indicator 4,5
  • slow ema or d period: slow ema MACD and OsMA or d period for Stochastic for indicator 4,5
  • signal or slowing: signal MACD and OsMA or slowing for Stochastic for indicator 4,5
  • value for macd or stochastic: MACD or Stochastic for indicator 4,5

Similar parameters for BUY

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Version 1.1 2017.04.17
Order closure based on the CCI indicator.