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XLV4 Basic Trader Tool

The XLV Basic Trader Tool is an extremely simple but very useful tool for any trader.

This basic tool allows all your positions or pending orders to enter the market and automatically receive a StopLoss and TakeProfit, avoiding problems with very fast movements that do not allow the trader to trace them manually or even generate more comfort through Always use a stoploss and takeprofit automated.

The tool also has the function of Breaking Even and TrailingStop, which can be defined before the order is launched, thus allowing a pending order to already have a trailingstop and breaking event even before it is executed.

As long as your MT4 has a connection to your broker your tool will be running 100% even if you are away.

Input Settings

  • TakeProfit - Point value of the objective of the order;
  • StopLoss - value in StopLoss points of the Order;
  • Breaking Even - Value in % of the objective of the order where it should be triggering the operation breaking even;
  • TrailingStop - Point value to trigger the MetaTrader default TrailingStop;
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