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Secret Level Pro

Secret Level Pro is based on support and resistance levels in conjunction with the engulfing pattern. It works well during flats, but a drawdown is increased in case of a global trend.


  1. Closes all trades if Profit_Equity reaches a certain profit
  2. Uses a counter-trend strategy
  3. Works well during a flat


  • Lots1 - lot for the main strategy
  • Adding_orders - main strategy for opening orders
  • Total_Adding_orders - number of additional orders to be opened in the direction of a position according to the strategy. 0 - unlimited
  • Step_plus_orders - additional orders opening step (in points)
  • Adding_orders2 - related to Step_plus_orders. Each new order leads to opening a new order in the opposite direction. Take profit is equal to a number of points specified in Step_plus_orders
  • Lots2 - lot for Adding_orders2
  • Profit_Equity - close all trades if Profit_Equity reaches a specified profit
Andrey Litvichenko
2017.10.27 07:30 

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Ali irwan
2017.08.17 15:51 

Required big margin

2017.07.22 21:15 

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2017.06.19 13:46 

Хороший Советник !

Good EA !