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Model B

The product is our latest Expert Advisor based on neural networks.

The main attention is paid to minimizing a drawdown on the unpredictable market.

You may apply the EA to different symbols simultaneously to minimize risks.


  • The EA is not affected by Internet connection speed;
  • Multi-currency trading;
  • The EA works with most symbols;
  • Reliable and easy-to-use;
  • Technical support.

In order to trade multiple symbols, attach the EA to necessary charts in the terminal window.

Trading basics

  • Orders are opened im the intervals defined by the Step parameter;
  • Closing is done by averaging a number of profitable and loss-making orders.


  • Profit - desired profit to be locked upon closure of a series of orders in a deposit currency;
  • Step - minimum distance between market orders in chart points;
  • Lot - volume of market orders.

Recommended settings values

  • Profit - 5;
  • Step - 0.0025;
  • Lot - 0.01.

The EA has good potential. Stay tuned for news and updates.

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