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You Trade MT5

You Trade is a semi automated one click EA for manual trading. From chart you just click Sell or Buy trades and it will handle all the trades with adding Stop Loss, Take profit, while its Trailing and Breakeven functions will care if trade cannot reach its take profit level as well as with NEWS button you can do one click news trading. This smart EA can help you with scalping, news trading or if you want to open multi trades on different currency pairs. On every pair chart you need to install it separately. Its parameters are simple and easy to set.

You can find MT4 version here.

Input Parameters

  • Spread Limit - Spread limit for pending orders (Points)
  • Lots - For fixed lot sizing
  • Order Type - Long, Short or Both
  • AutoLot% - Money Management
  • Take Profit - Take Profit (Pips)
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss (Pips)
  • Close@DD - If false then it's disable
  • CloseDD% - You can give value in percentage for Draw-down.
  • CloseAtProfit - Currency or Pips (You can close profit in Account currency or in Pips)
  • CloseProfit - Give value (All opened trades will be close on specified value)
  • Breakeven - If Breakeven is set to false, its disable
  • StartBreakeven - When Breakeven will take start (in pips)
  • StepBreakeven - When Breakeven step will move (in pips)
  • Trailing - True/false If Trailing is set to false, its disable
  • Trailing Start - When Trailing will take start (in pips)
  • Trailing Step - Moving Steps for Trailing (in pips)
  • Pending Order Distance - Pending order distance from current price on both sides in Pips
  • Order Expiry (Minute) - Can set pending orders expiry in minutes
  • Auto Order - If true it will pass two pending orders on desired time
  • Auto Order Time1 - Set date and time for auto pending order
  • Auto Order Time2 - Set date and time for auto pending order *
  • Magic No. - Unique ID for all SELL BUY and pending orders

* Second Auto Order time distance should not be less then first Auto Order expiry time.

Chart Buttons Info:

  • Sell - Open Sell entry trade
  • Buy - Open Buy entry trade
  • News - It will pass two pending orders BuyStop, SellStop
  • DelPo - Close all pending orders
  • Close - Close all opened trades
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