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Star Sirius EA

Star Sirius EA is a secure, fully automated medium-term trading robot. The EA does not use hedging, martingale or grid strategies. Star Sirius EA works on a daily price movement. Risk control is high. The EA was tested from 2010 onwards. Star Sirius EA works with seven pairs. This increases your chances of continuous growth. The EA is not connected to one pair. User intervention is not required.

This EA is designed to test a wide variety of strategies. It is necessary to operate Star Sirius EA at the same time as all pairs. In this way, the profit-loss ratio remains balanced. Account growth will have many chances.

To use this EA, you need a good ECN broker and fast VPS.

The EA settings are configured for GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD, EURJPY, NZDUSD and AUDUSD.

XAUUSD settings: Stoploss - 200, TakeProfit - 2000, Trailing_Stop - 50, Trailing_Step - 50, Max spread - 25, Max stoplevel - 25.

Important Detail - For currency pairs, Max_spread is 10, Max_stoplevel is 10. For XAUUSD, Max_spread is 25 and Max_stoplevel is 25. Higher levels than these settings reduce the efficiency of the EA.

Timeframes: M30 and H1.

Features and recommendations

  • Use an ECN broker.
  • Use secure VPS.
  • Use tight spread.
  • The stop level should be low.
  • You can start with $500.

Account protection methods

  • Star sirius EA works with three account protection modes: Max_spread, Max_stoplevel and Slippage.
  • Mx_spread properties: spreads constantly change as some brokers use floating spreads. The Max_spread feature follows these spreads and allows an order to be opened at the most appropriate spread time. If the spread is not appropriate, it will cancel the order.
  • Max_stoplevel features: some brokers use a moving stop level. High stop level causes unnecessary account loss. So, the Max_stoplevel feature follows the opening of an order at the most appropriate stop level time. If a stop level is high, the order is canceled.
  • Slippage properties: This property is known to prevent slippage. It is used to prevent excessive loss of account in sudden market movements.


  • Magic number - number specific to operations.
  • Lot - trade with a fixed lot. If this feature is greater than zero, the risk mode is disabled.
  • Risk money - balance value for calculation of lot.
  • Risk lot - lot value for risk money.
  • Trail stop - stop the subsequent damage. When the price progresses to the trail stop + trail step, the stop loss trail steps forward.
  • Trail step - trail driver. Constantly follows the price.
  • BreakEven = true - level of damage to the stop loss entry point to a minimum.
  • BreakEven pip - how many pips you write here comes to the entry point of the stop loss when it comes to this price. Profit loss becomes zero.
  • Stoploss - adjust minimum damage level.
  • Takeprofit - adjust maximum profit level.
  • Timely Close - time off feature. If you type 5 here, it closes the open process after 5 minutes.
  • Finish the day - if you type 1 here, all transactions are closed at the end of the day. If you type 0 here, it will not close any operations.
  • Max_spread - set the maximum spread level.
  • Max_stoplevel - set the maximum stop level.
  • Slippage - prevent an excessive slippage.
ThorstenKock 2020.03.14 15:53 

Very bad results when taking spread and commissions into consideration

nage isi
nage isi 2020.01.21 02:59 

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