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Able EA for EURUSD

Based on an extensive design and over 12 months of live market evaluation, Advanced Quants is launching a new ABLE EURUSD expert advisor (EA), that is the most advanced and economical EA of its sort available.

ABLE EURUSD EA uses the same logic as subsystem #19 of the Robust Trader 20 EAs algorithm. You can download subsystem #19 here and apply it to the 15-minute chart. Since its initial release on February 2016, there has not been any change to its logic. Any testing from February 2016 to April 2017 is considered forward testing with little chance of curve fitting. ABLE EA offers greater than 90% saving over its peers on the MQL market. Don’t let the low price of our software fool you. This is our new initiative of crowd sourcing the best parameters for trading the EURUSD.

We recently came across the book entitled "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowieki whereby groups are remarkably intelligent and are often smarter than the smartest people in them. By offering this software at a low price, we hope to attract lots of users with diverse sources of information as possible. We are opening this particular strategy so that users can discuss and experiment with different settings on different time frames, i.e. 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and etc. Please note that the default parameters are best for a 15-minute chart. If there is enough interest, we will include additional parameters so that users can perform walk forward optimization.

The EA uses three levels and periods known as A, B, and C. A is for entry, B is for exit, and C is for reversing the trades.


  • LotSize= 0.01: 0.01 to 100 lots, 0 for normal compounding money management, -1 for SQRT compounding money management
  • Risk = 0.085, 8.5% Risk Money Management
  • Risk_const = 50, values from 50 to 10,000
  • Stop Loss = 95 pips
  • Take Profit = 50 pips
  • Buy_Period_A: values from 10 to 500
  • Buy_Period_B: values from 10 to 500
  • Buy_Period_C: values from 10 to 500
  • Sell_Period_A: values from 10 to 500
  • Sell_Period_B: values from 10 to 500
  • Sell_Period_C: values from 10 to 500
  • Buy_Level_A: values from 10 to 500
  • Buy_Level_B: values from 10 to 500
  • Buy_Level_C: values from 10 to 500
  • Sell_Level_A: values from 10 to 500
  • Sell_Level_B: values from 10 to 500
  • Sell_Level_C: values from 10 to 500

Limited Time and Price Offer

  • This is a limited price offer. The price of this EA will be increased after the first five subscribers.
  • Lock in your saving NOW for the price possible.
  • We are limiting our software to a maximum of 50 subscribers.

Winsor Hoang is the author of "The Bull, The Bear and The Baboon – FX Lessons Learned the Hard Way", a former Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and an automated trading researcher since 2003. Winsor actively works with several high profile mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, and computational finance specialists.

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