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CAP Professional EA

The CAP Professional EA uses a grid trading approach. It uses unique trading system with advanced martingale methods.

Trading Logic

The CAP Professional EA opens and closes positions by the breakout indicator signals - buys at support levels, sells at resistance levels, which allows to capture large movements. It has the option to close positions by take profit and stop loss. When new signals appear, the EA adds orders. When an opposite signal appears: if the order basket is in profit, then the EA closes it; if the basket is in loss, the robot opens opposite orders. The EA settings can be adjusted right from the chart. It is also possible to close positions from the chart using the "close buy", "close sell" and "close all" buttons.

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When loading the EA to any chart, you will be presented with a set of options as inputs. Do not despair if you think they are too many, because parameters are grouped into self-explanatory blocks. This is what each block of parameters does.

    • Initial Lots: Initial lots size.
    • Filter Trend: If true, the EA filters trades by a daily trend.
    • Grid Type: Select grid type from any of below
      • Both Side (Long and short): EA follows both long and short when a signal is found.
      • Any Single Side: EA follows only one signal – long or short.
      • Long Side Only: EA follows only a long signal.
      • Short Side Only: EA follows only s short signal.
    • Max Grid Trades (0-Disabled): Max grid trades.
    • GAPs: Minimum distance to open a grid trade.
    • GridTradeOnlyInSignal: EA opens a grid trade when a valid signal exists.
    • TradeOnlyInNewCandle: If true, the EA opens only one grid trade on one candle.
    • CloseTradeOnSignal: If true, the EA closes a trade when the opposite signal is found (if the trade is in profit).
    • LotsType: Select lots type.
    • LotMultiplier: Lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders.
    • AddLots: Value of add lots.
    • FixLots: Value of fixed lots.
    • MaxLots: Maximum lot size for the EA operation.
    • TakeProfit For Initial: Value of a take profit for an initial trade.
    • TakeProfit For Grid: Value of a take profit when a trade is in a grid.
    • StopLoss For Initial: Value of a stop loss for an initial trade.
    • TakeProfit For Grid: Value of a stop loss when a trade is in a grid.
    • Profit In Currency: Currency in profit.
    • After Number Of Order: "Currency in profit", active after this number of order reach.
    • Total Equity Profit: Total equity in profit, the EA closes all trades.
    • Daily Max Profit: Daily max profit.
    • Trailing Type: Select Trailing type: Average means TR will be set to work on average trade price. Classic means TR will be set based on individual trade price.
    • Active Trailing: true - activate trailing (default - false).
    • Trailing Stop: Distance from an order open price in points for a trailing stop.
    • Trailing Step: Step in points for a trailing step to trigger.
    • Trade Asian: Asian time (True/False).
    • Asian Time: Set Asian time (default 22:00 - 09:00).
    • Trade Europe: Europe time (True/False).
    • Asian Time: Set Europe time (default 08:00 - 17:30).
    • Trade America: America time (True/False).
    • Asian Time: Set America time (default 13:00 - 22:00).


Mohammad Ali, technical analyst and speculator, software engineer and founder of Capilta Business Solutions.

Jekabs Klidzejs
2017.11.02 08:57 

Working really good and safe!

2017.04.08 16:51 

I am using in my Demo account per 10 days with amazing results, running 6 pairs. Even EURUSD was moving like a crazy and the EA made many profits. :)

Support is great!

2017.04.04 08:31