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Exact Oscillator

This indicator is a good assistant for any trader. The indicator does not provide unnecessary details. It only features a signal line that consists of blue and red circles, shows the general trend direction, and arrows help to correctly enter a trade and filter value of the signal line. The indicator can be used in many ways, it provides many different use options. The easiest way is to enter at arrows, and filter signals using the signal line. It is also possible to enter based on the signal line.

All indicator parameters are easy-to-configure, therefore you can choose the optimal operation mode:

  • SignalPeriod - signal line period
  • ArrowPeriod - period value for arrows
  • NumBars - number of bars the indicator is displayed on
  • enableAlerts - enable/disable the alert that will sound whenever a new arrow appears
  • EmailAlert - send an email to notify of a signal
  • MobileAlert - send a push notification when a signal emerges

The indicator does not provide unnecessary details, and it is self-sufficient and provide everything needed fur successful forex trading.

2017.03.20 11:48 

Hello Pavel,

with additional filters, this indicator gives very good entries and exits.

Good for beginners and exprienced Traders. Works with laser accuracy.

Amazing ^^

I did test it on German30 Indizes. Of Course in direction of the globeal trend.