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Shark Binary Indicator

Hi, I have created an indicator that combines my previous achievements and incorporates all the experience of studying binary options market.

This is the final indicator what ever you need for successful trading on Binary Options.

You may use any additional indicators to filter signals, if this helps you, but you need to remember, "Shark" is not ONLY reversal or ONLY trend indicator, it works with many algorithms and provides a complex approach.

It contains code of my other achievements, such as "Ultra Binary Indicator", "Mint Binary Indicator" and "Soho Binary Indicator", this code was polished and tuned for more successful trading.

"Shark" has many signal options, in one moment of time situation on market says “here is RSI and CCI possibility and this moment may be for reversal” but in the next second the price jumps and we see other possibility with trend continued, and indicator shows the decision. The code provides various combinations of standard technical indicators which interact with each other in different variants.

Best works with the M5 timeframe and higher, expiration - 1 candle.

If a trade is not successful, wait for the next candle open in the same direction, often unsuccessful trade is simply a pull back, then the trend is going in our favor.

If the second trade is not successful, you must STOP and wait for the next signal.

The indicator doe NOT repaint, the arrows do not jump around candles, everything remains in place when switching timeframe, it is IMPORTANT to wait till the signal candlestick closes and make sure it has an arrow.

Indicator Parameters

  • AlertsMessage - Text message about readiness to open a trade. This parameter is enabled by default (true).
  • AlertsSound - Sound alert about readiness to open a trade. This parameter is enabled by default (true).
  • AlertsEmail - Email notification about readiness to open a trade. This parameter is enabled by default (true).
  • AlertsMobile - Push notification on your mobile. This parameter is enabled by default (true).
  • SignalBar - Number of the signal candle. This parameter is set to 0 by default. This means that the signal will come at the current candle, this parameter cannot be changed!
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