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Shark Binary Indicator

I present you with a product, in which I combined all my previous experience. This indicator is called Shark Binary Indicator.

Shark Binary Indicator combines five different algorithms for issuing signals, between which you can switch if, for example, one produces bad results on your favorite currency pair on a particular day.

The indicator is designed to work on timeframes from M5 to H1 with transaction expiration in one candle.

I want to note right away that this indicator does not work based on any one known scheme, for example, the intersection of stochastic lines or, say, the combination of this oscillator with some other indicator. Various trading patterns are used here instead, including, for example, price action patterns. These are trading combinations, in which candles are arranged at certain moments followed by the price movement in a certain direction with high probability.

But of course this is not the only basis of the indicator.

The settings are as follows:

  • AlertsMessage - market entry text message
  • AlertsSound - sound alert
  • AlertsEmail - email alert
  • AlertsMobile - push notification

The signal comes on the current candle, and you are warned by an arrow and alert. The arrow may appear and disappear during the life of the current candle. To enter the transaction, you need to wait for the closure of this signal candle and enter the trade only if the arrow remains in place. If it disappears even in the last seconds of the life of a candle, it is better not to enter into a deal. If you have correctly configured MetaTrader 4, then the indicator sends you an email notification, as well as a notification to your smartphone. The indicator does not redraw, arrows do not disappear from the history and do not jump from one candle to another when switching the timeframes.

  • Please algorithm select - select the signaling algorithm:
  • MoneyFlow
  • Ultra
  • Shark
  • Algorithm1
  • Algorithm2

Switching the indicator algorithms. For example, the info panel shows the positive total EURUSD M5 pair win rate at 60 percent, which is good news. However, the next day we open our platform and see a depressing situation with low win rate. Therefore, just try switching the algorithms first. You will see that the signal arrows are placed differently on the chart and on the info panel, you can get a higher overall win rate or a higher winrate in any of the directions (buy or sell), and you can perform deals in one direction only. All this enhances your ability to trade.

The info panel settings:

  • count signals - method of counting signals, there are several options:
  • 1. From this point in time
  • 2. For a given number of bars - preset number of bars, for example, 144 bars per M5 means the last 12 hours
  • 3. From a given date
  • 4. Function disabled
  • count signals from date
  • count bars: number of bars for the calculation

The panel itself displays the number of successful and lost transactions separately, plus I added to it the total counter of all transactions and the total winrate.

  • Start work from (include) - indicator start time.
  • End work here (include) - indicator end time.

Below are the settings of the timer, which counts down the time until the end of the current candle. The advantage of this timer is that it works without delay. The timer with the help of settings can be moved along the chart in a convenient place for you, change the color, the size of the clock, etc.

Below is the design section of the arrows.

  • Select design please - 1.Regular Arrows 2.Modern Arrows

The last section draws a vertical line on the first candle of the chart. This is done for more convenience in order to focus your attention at the point where the price moves.

Also, the indicator shows you in large letters the current currency pair and timeframe, which is also very convenient if you have several charts open.

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Version 2.0 2017.09.05
Improved the basic algorithm
Added four additional algorithms for trading
Added ability to choose between the algorithms
Added trade counter
Added the timer
Added a currency pair display
Added the current timeframe
Added extensive opportunities for accounting trades
Added the ability to select the design of the arrows