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The local copying of trades can help in solving the main problems when copying trades of signal providers. The local copying is also useful when you want to extend your strategy on other accounts on your computer while trading on one account (for example, in a discretionary investment, or if you want to save computer/server resources when using powerful experts, such as this).

If you have difficulties with the volumes of copying the signal trades, or if your MetaTrader 4 terminal simply does not have the copying functions, as your broker does not support it, use a very simple and at the same time reliable and universal solution - LocalCopy.

Take two simple steps:

  1. Start copying trades of the signal not to your main account, but to any demo account;
  2. Configure the local copying from this account to your main account or multiple accounts and set the desired volumes.

Done, you're great! Now you will be copying trades of the desired signal with the volume specified by you, which can be changed at any time.

This utility can also be used as a conventional lot multiplier by attaching it on two charts of the same terminal as sender and receiver, with the required volume set in the receiver.

LocalCopy is able to instantly receive and transmit servers to an unlimited number of terminals on one computer/server. This means that a single signal can be propagated to multiple accounts with different risks. Or, on the contrary, after subscribing to multiple signals, it is possible to copy them to one or multiple accounts, each with individual lot size. Basically, you can create a variety of portfolios and skillfully manage them, with the sole LocalCopy at your disposal. It all depends on your imagination.

The main advantages of the copier

  • one universal version;
  • a minimum of settings and maximum ease of use (easy to learn even for novices);
  • highly customizable settings of copying volumes;
  • the highest speed of signal transmission (adjustable);
  • no DLL;
  • copies everything supported by your broker;
  • consumes minimal CPU/server resources;
  • deals and orders are not lost during connection interruptions and terminal restarts;
  • recognizes third-party characters in the names of the currency pairs, as well as gold and silver (Gold = XAUUSD, Silver = XAGUSD).

Input parameters

  • Mode (On / Off) - enable/disable the copying;
  • User (Sender / Receiver) - send or receive on this MetaTrader 4 terminal;
  • Magic Number - magic number of the EA for managing its trades and for identification by the receiving expert.
  • Timer (milliseconds) - frequency of signal transmission.


  • Actual Order (minutes) - the time during which the sender will send a signal about new trade/order.


  • Magic(s) of Sender(s) - enumeration of magic numbers of the senders, from which the signals are to be received;
  • Lot Auto - automatic lot calculation depending on the balance;
  • Lot Manual - the volume for the receiver to open trades with;
  • Lot Coefficient - lot multiplier of the sender's trades;
  • Price Diff - the maximum difference in price towards profit; if the value is exceeded, a signal will not be accepted;
  • Signal Order Revers - enable/disable reversion of the copied deals;
  • Trade Type - copy only opening or deals, or opening and closing deals.
It is important for the Market Watch of the receiving terminal to have all the currency pairs, trades of which are to be copied.
Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.08.22 07:55 

Не копирует сигналы.

Version 1.2 2018.10.29
The error of copying the XAUUSD => GOLD direction has been fixed.
Version 1.1 2017.03.27
Added recognition of the third-party characters in the names of the currency pairs, as well as gold and silver (Gold = XAUUSD, Silver = XAGUSD).