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Stochastics Alert One Click Multi Time Frame Panel

Stochastic Oscillator featuring one click smart front panel multi time frame buttons with alerts and arrow capabilities.

On a regular multi time frame indicator it takes 7 clicks just to look at one higher time frame. This indicator takes just one click directly on the buttons on indicator window to instantly access a higher time frame.

Indicator parameters

  • Enable Alert
  • Push Alerts: https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/setup/settings_notifications
  • K Period
  • D Period
  • Slowing
  • Button Memory: remember last button selected even if you close MT4.
  • Disable Button: turns it into a regular stochastic indicator if you don't need multi time frame access.
  • upperlevel: dynamic upper and lower level
  • lowerlevel: dynamic upper and lower level
  • Mode: average used for calculation
  • Mode: use close/close or Low/High for calculation
  • delete button memory on close: forget last button selected on close
  • use sound without popup: if you just want to be notified with a sound instead of a popup
  • additionalSound: if you use sound without popup you can choose between 4 different sounds
  • showArrow: draws an arrow on chart when oversold overbought
  • arrowSize: from size 1 to unlimited
  • botArrow: choose from an number of arrow images which uses wingdings
  • botColor: bottom arrow color
  • topArrow: choose from an number of arrow images which uses wingdings
  • topColor: top arrow color
  • sndmail: attempts to use mt4's built in send mail. (push alerts would probably be better to use)
2018.02.18 15:38   

the app doesn't apply the close/close (Price field).

Please fix and update us.

it's urgent.