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This indicator makes a mathematical analysis of the price based on the second Newton interpolation polynomial of the fifth degree. For each candle, the price for the current and the next candle is calculated and analyzed. Also, the 25 and 75 percent levels are displayed for the selected period. For the more volatile pairs (such as JPY), the calculated price may differ significantly from market price, therefore, there is a limit in the form of historical Highs and Lows. The zero price level for the selected period (calm price) is displayed in the indicator window.

Input Parameter

  • LargePeriod - period, the number of bars for calculation of levels. Values from 2 to 50.
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Version 1.1 - 2017.02.16
The new version of the product has become more useful. The indicator is now displayed in the main window, it now has a second line - 5-period moving average line. It is now possible to distinguish buy and sell signals. The sell signal is generated when the blue line crosses the line of the moving average and instrument price downwards, and the buy signal - upwards. A signal is confirmed when the line of the price chart is crossed. The indicator is useful on smaller timeframes only (not greater than H4). Another way to distinguish a false signal is to switch the timeframe to a smaller one when a signal appears and to see if the line has crossed the price chart on that timeframe.