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ZigZag Gold Levels Trader

The ZigZag Gold Levels Trader Expert Advisor trades the level breakouts. The levels are determined using the ZigZag indicator.

StopLoss and TakeProfit are set to all orders.

This EA is optimized for trading the XAUUSD pair.

Make sure that the average spread of your broker for the XAUUSD pair is less than 50 (or 500 at a step of 0.001)

Also, this EA should be used on accounts, which guarantee the execution of an order at the price specified in the pending order.


  • e_Magic - Magic number of the EA
  • e_RiskPercent - Level of risk per trade
  • e_MinLot - Minimum lot for orders
  • e_MaxLot - Maximum lot for orders
  • e_TP - Take Profit in points for orders
  • e_SL - Stop Loss in points for orders
  • e_ActivateSafeSLWhenProfitIs - Transfer an order to breakeven after reaching X points of profit (specify the number of points)
  • e_SafeSL - the number of points in profit required to set the breakeven
  • e_Trailing - Activate the Trailing Stop (true / false)
  • e_trStart - Start trailing when profit = Х points (specify the number of points)
  • e_trStep - Trailing stop step
  • e_trSL - Stop Loss of the trailing stop
  • e_Depth - Setting of the ZigZag indicator

To reproduce the provided results in the strategy tester, use the default settings and spread <= 50, timeframe = H1

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