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Tiny Close Button

Tiny Close Button creates tiny buttons right on the chart that enable you to quickly close your open positions individually. An independent graphical button is a handy tool to close your positions, particularly if you have got several open positions at the same time. Going through the trades list to find a particular position that you need to close seems sometimes a hassle but with this tool you do not need to search through the terminal window to find it. You can close it by a single click, right there on your chart.

This is an EA and you have to attach it to your chart. It detects the open positions' coordinates and creates a tiny button called "close" which turns red for the positions that are currently in loss and green, if the position is in profit, so that you can visually identify the right position and close it quickly. This EA creates close buttons for open positions only, not for pending orders.

You need "Allow Live Trading" option to be active for the EA to operate on a live account.

Fx taster
2017.03.27 17:15 

tiny but works as indicator not expert ( unfortunatully didn't notice )

also it doesn't show the profit for each trade at the chart beside the botton and there is no close all bottons for profit, lose and both